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Awesome New Feature: The Intelligent Product Recommendation Template for Online Stores is Here!

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intelligent product recommendation

Displaying automatic product recommendations based on user behavior is a powerful tool for increasing sales that every online store should have. However, we recognize that many businesses can’t take advantage of product recommendations because it takes a lot of time and resources to collect the data and build a recommendation engine. At OptiMonk, our goal is to empower your business, so we’ve built a brand new Intelligent Product Recommendation template to help you increase your sales… and I’m really excited to announce that it’s available now!

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5 Campaign Ideas to Boost Your Results This Spring

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Regularly coming up with fresh ideas for marketing campaigns is a challenge that all marketers face.

To help you get creative, we kicked off the New Year with sharing a few ideas for jumpstarting your ecommerce efforts in the first quarter.

We received a lot of positive feedback on that article, so we decided to collect some more inspiring ideas for your campaigns this Spring. Take a look and choose the best ideas to boost your results in second quarter!

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[CASE STUDY] How HostAdvice achieved 340% Increase in Sales Using Onsite Retargeting?

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HostAdvice was more than successful using OptiMonk for their Onsite Retargeting campaign. By targeting the right audience at the right time with redirect popups, the number of visitors who made a purchase increased significantly. In this case study, you’ll see how HostAdvice boosted their sales of their top advertiser with a high conversion rate, all by using Onsite Retargeting.

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10 Timeless Tips for eCommerce Sites

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eCommerce is an always-changing business, as long as the digital world and devices are changing and becoming more and more practical, an online store must keep up with that, in order to be relevant as well as closer to its potential customers.

In this article we’ll explain the most up-to-date timeless tips for eCommerce sites, 10 tips for you to keep your online store relevant, and boost your performance.

Let’s start!

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Become a Popup Copywriting Rockstar with 70+ Headlines and Magic Words

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popup headlines and magic words

People become accustomed to routines. That’s why they – well honestly, me too – will click through websites without a second thought. But as a website owner, you want to prevent visitors from leaving your website without converting.

So, how do you do that?

Attention is the first step towards engagement. You need to grab your visitors’ attention and interrupt their typical behavior patterns. To do that, you need to create popups with content that really rocks.

In this article we’ll look at the best headlines, essential elements and magic words that will make you a popup copywriting rockstar.

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[SWIPE] 10+ Ecommerce Email Templates & 20+ Real Examples to Inspire You

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ecommerce email templates & examples

Ecommerce email marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales for your store. You can send emails manually or you can set up a complex automated workflow. Either way, your goal is to build relationships.

When you start ecommerce email marketing, there are many types of emails to consider. From welcome emails and cart abandonment reminders to transactional emails and promotional newsletters, every email you send is an opportunity to make a connection with your customers.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of crafting a good ecommerce email. We’ve put together our favorite examples to give you some inspiration, plus we’ve created a bunch of ready-to-use templates that you can grab today – for FREE.

Let’s dive in!

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Jumpstart Q1 Sales with these 5 Onsite Retargeting Campaigns

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Onsite Retargeting Campaigns

The Holiday Season can be a great opportunity for ecommerce stores. Many stores generate record sales during Christmas.

Did you improve your sales this seasons? I feel your joy, but there’s no time to rest. Ecommerce never sleeps so you’ve got to be prepared for the year ahead.

In this article, we’ve got a few ideas to help you jumpstart your ecommerce efforts in the first quarter of 2017.

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5 Pieces of Marketing Advice You Need to Stop Following

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5 pieces of marketing adviceThere are a ton of marketing blogs on the Internet. People write about a wide range of marketing topics and they share their best practices for digital marketing – even though they might not be experts in the subject.

It’s hard to keep up with all the information out there. How do you decide which advice is reliable and which tips aren’t worth following?

We’re here to help! In this article we’ve gathered some of the worst pieces of marketing advice you should definitely NOT follow in 2017. By avoiding these mistakes, you can be sure to use your time and effort for marketing where it counts the most.

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This happened to us in 2016

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this happened to us in 2016

As we’re getting closer to the end of 2016, we decided to take a look back at this year, and I have to say that it’s been a busy year for everyone.

Just to mention a few things: the new Harry Potter movie and book arrived, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar, and it was a successful year here in Hungary as well, with our “Iron Lady”, Hosszu Katinka winning 3 gold medals in swimming at the Rio Olympics.

We’ve been busy all year at OptiMonk too! Here’s a quick look at our “gold medal” moments from 2016.

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