5 Tips to Get the Most Out of SMS Marketing for Shopify Stores

5 Tips to Get the Most out of SMS Marketing for Shopify Stores

Are you new to the world of SMS messaging? Do you want to run awesome SMS campaigns for your Shopify store?

If your answer is “yes,” then wait ‘til you see our 5 top-tier SMS marketing strategies. Once you give them a try, you’ll see that they’re pretty easy to implement.

With this surefire method, you’ll have a higher chance of drawing in satisfied customers who will thank you by becoming loyal fans. 

In this post, you’ll also find solid text messaging examples that can help you reach your customers on their phones (their most used device) while you simultaneously nail your different marketing goals.

Prepare your engines…

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing (also known as text message marketing) is a highly effective digital marketing strategy that utilizes SMS (Short Message Service) to send promotional messages, updates, alerts, and offers directly to customers’ mobile devices.

It’s a way to shoot quick messages to your customers’ phones. Instead of waiting for them to check email or social media, you’re pinging them directly.

What are the benefits of sending SMS marketing campaigns?

Now you might be asking: Is SMS marketing worth your time and investment?

It definitely is. 

Here’s the proof:

  • SMS marketing helps increase campaign awareness. People open 98% of the SMS messages they receive (Gartner). That’s a huge customer-awareness margin!
  • SMS messages are best for time-sensitive communication. Since people usually open text messages right away, this method is perfect for messages that need more immediate attention. (Think: timed-welcoming messages, shipment info, big sales, order confirmations, etc.)
  • Customers are used to SMS marketing campaigns. 81% of U.S. customers have opened a text message from a business (eMarketer).

It’s no surprise that more and more businesses realize that SMS marketing is a no-brainer success strategy.

5 SMS marketing tips for Shopify stores (with examples)

Here’s what you can do if you decide to join these businesses for the win and want to implement SMS marketing in your store.

1. Encourage first purchases with a welcome message

Welcome SMS messages with exclusive discounts can boost the confidence of new customers to help them place their first order.

This format is just like welcome emails in email marketing, but it has a higher open rate of about 73%.

The discount is the magic ingredient that we need to focus on because many customers can’t resist taking advantage of it.

Survey alert: 40% of online customers follow their go-to brands on social media just to get promos and discounts. That means that almost every second customer has their foot in the door, and they just might be waiting for a discount to press: “Purchase Now.” 

With those odds, why not play the hand and hope for a full house? What have you got to lose?

following brands on social media

Let’s utilize this knowledge to grow your store: 

Show your customers that they subscribed to the right business with a welcome SMS automation.

It’s easy to craft one with one of the many SMS marketing apps available in the Shopify App Store, and it can help customers take the plunge with their first order by also giving them an unbeatable discount they can’t refuse.

Tips for an effective welcome SMS marketing campaign:

  • Write a greeting: Write a warm, short, and sweet “hello” to welcome your new customers to your store.
  • Add a discount: To get the ball rolling, try a discount between 10% – 30% — though feel free to experiment.
  • Get the timing right: Aim for sending the message within an hour after they sign up. The fresher the memory of your store, the better.
  • Add a website link: Share a link to your product menu so your customer can easily take advantage of their exciting discount.

SMS campaigns are an excellent way to greet new customers. They make a good first impression, increase chances of buying, and simultaneously promote a lasting relationship because it shows that you care.

Here’s an example of a welcome text message that follows the tips we described:

“Welcome Sara! To kickoff your sign-up, here’s 20% off, to show we care! 

Code: 20OFF

Apply it at the checkout. Thank you and Happy Shopping!

2. Attract customers with flash sales

Customers go crazy for discounts and quick sales. That’s why you see flash sales so often. It gets your attention too, right? 

This tactic is called a “flash sale” because it highlights major discounts and/or promotions for a limited time. As seen below, this campaign combines the feeling of urgency and the “oohs and ahhs” of the one-time-only sale. 

Also, people love to brag about a good flash-sale-grab. Word of mouth doesn’t hurt. 

(Flash sales in the US also mean that shoppers buy more than they normally would due to the record-low prices and clearance items. Buying a larger quantity of products also means more ★★★★★ product and store reviews—we’ll get to that in a sec.)

Here’s an example of a flash sale announcement sent via email… but imagine the high impact of value it would have for a customer if it were a dynamic SMS marketing message…

swanson vitamins 50% off

Some tips to create stellar flash sale SMS campaigns:

  • Attractive products: Promote popular products to invite customers to take advantage of your amazing offer.
  • Limited-time deal: Minimize the sale window to encourage buying. 
  • Higher discount amount: Consider giving a better discount than usual to convince more customers to engage.

Your goal: send SMS messages to customers when your Shopify store has a killer sale. 

Here’s an example of a bright and bold SMS with a flash sale announcement for inspiration:

“Flash Sale! Extra 30% off + Free Shipping on selected items! Code: FLASH. 

Shop now: http://goo.gl/l7MS”

3. Request customer reviews to build your reputation

Want more customer reviews for your store?

Reviews are super useful. Positive reviews on product pages can increase conversions by up to 270% because they reduce the customer’s hesitation about completing their purchase. 

Collecting reviews might be challenging, as most customers don’t always write them—but don’t worry! We’ve got your back. 

Let’s break it down: BrightLocal found that 72% of customers will write a review for a positive experience, but only if businesses ask them.

Now we can see why more businesses asked for reviews in 2020 than they did in 2019. It’s an upward trend.

local business reviews

Ever thought about auto-collecting reviews? You might get more bites this way—other companies are seeing the benefits in their numbers, and you can too. 

SMS marketing is perfect for that because 20% of customers have been asked to write reviews via an SMS message, says BrightLocal.

To write an SMS marketing campaign asking for reviews, check out these tips:

  • Thank each customer: Begin by thanking your customer for placing their order. You can use their name and make it personal, even better!
  • Indicate the total time commitment: Make it clear that writing the review will be easy breezy. This reduces customer hesitation, but only if they don’t have to spend more than 1-2 minutes.
  • Make it easy: Link a review page so customers can submit without any hassle.

A good review request SMS that follows these tips might be something like this:

“Hey Sara! 🎉 Thank you for choosing us! 🎉

Can we steal you for one minute? 

Would you write a quick review about your experience? 


Link: http://goo.gl/l7MS


4. Re-engage passive customers with special offers

Let’s get those customers back! Getting customers to go beyond the first purchase stage is difficult (as many don’t complete a second purchase), but if we encourage them to become “regulars,” we can turn those stats around.

How, you ask? 

SMS marketing can help a ton. As mentioned above, text messages not only get opened quickly but often—so they give you a perfect chance to get noticed and communicate “in person.” 

Consider sending an SMS message, asking your customer to check out your other products and give them a “Return and Shop With Us Discount” hassle-free. That discount plays a deciding factor and can convince your valued customers to come back for more good deals.

Here’s an example to help you re-engage passive customers with text marketing:

“Hey, Sara! It’s been a while. 

Here’s a 20% OFF All Products to get you back in the mix. 

Claim here: http://goo.gl/l7MS”

5. Recover more abandoned carts

Shopify stores rely on different strategies to amp up their strength to battle shopping cart abandonment. The most popular are exit-intent popups, abandoned cart emails, push notifications, and, of course, SMS marketing.

If your Shopify store already uses SMS marketing campaigns, you can enhance your SMS marketing efforts with an additional weapon to tackle abandoned cart issues.

The goal here is two-fold:

  1. Remind customers about the product, and
  2. Make it easy to finish the purchase.

The added bonus? In some cases, abandoned shopping cart messages also communicate discounts and other perks that customers love.

Consider these tips to create an SMS marketing campaign to recover abandoned carts:

  • Give a friendly reminder: Begin the message by jogging their memory about what they left behind or forgot. 
  • Use scarcity: Add non-pushy phrases like “Your item is selling fast” or “Your cart expires tomorrow” to help the customer seal the deal.
  • Make a call to action: Cheer your customers on by reminding them to finish the purchase process with stand-out words that tell them to make a move on a product or service. (Your Night Cream is on sale! … or … How’s Your Flat Tire? Grab your Auto Tire Repair Kit now. 3 Left.) 
  • Add a link to the cart: Links make it easy for your visitors to buy what they need. It also might turn your hesitant customer into a supportive superfan. Everyone loves an easy system to navigate, right?
  • Add a bonus: Consider adding free shipping or a discount to a second cart-recovery-SMS if the first one is ineffective.

Here’s an example of a good abandoned cart recovery SMS:

“Hey Sara~

You forgot your Leather Derby shoes. 

This link will take you to your basket so you can get what you want 🤩 : http://goo.gl/l7MS”


How does SMS marketing work with Shopify?

With Shopify, you can integrate SMS marketing apps or services directly into your store. These tools allow you to collect customer phone numbers and send targeted text messages about promotions, new arrivals, order updates, and more.

Is SMS marketing legal for Shopify stores?

Yes, but it’s important to comply with regulations such as obtaining consent from customers before sending them promotional messages. Shopify provides tools and guidance to help ensure your SMS marketing campaigns are compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

What are the best SMS marketing apps for Shopify stores?

Some popular SMS software for Shopify stores include Klaviyo, SMSBump, and Attentive. These SMS marketing tools offer features like automation, segmentation, and analytics to help you create and manage successful SMS programs.

How to build an SMS subscriber list?

The best way to build an SMS subscriber list is through pop-ups on your Shopify store. OptiMonk is a great popup tool that can help you capture customer phone numbers and grow your SMS subscriber list effectively. With engaging pop-ups, you can offer incentives or exclusive deals in exchange for customers’ phone numbers, helping you build a targeted SMS list.

Wrapping up

SMS marketing for Shopify is a modern new way to jumpstart higher revenue.

Remember that many customers are used to getting text marketing messages from businesses. By connecting via this route, you can also see how fruitful the results can be. 

Check out how our examples and tips help each major goal that store owners have: 

  • Sharing promotions because your products rock
  • Building a solid reputation 
  • Starting good customer relationships because you truly care
  • Bringing passive customers back
  • Recovering abandoned sales like a pro

Take a leap and use these five tips to get the most out of your SMS marketing strategy.

Remember that SMS marketing is the way of the future, and to win, we’ve gotta progress—the world’s changin’.

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Oleksii Kovalenko

Oleksii Kovalenko

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