Types of Assisted Revenue

Types of Assisted Revenue

Deciding on how to measure your popup performance is important. You can either measure a stand-alone popup campaign and its variants or the overall performance of all of your popups.

Depending on your goals, there are three main types of assisted revenue that we often use at OptiMonk, and each one is based on different attribution models. Let’s see what these three types are and what you can do with them! 

1. Campaign Assisted Revenue

Campaign Assisted Revenue measures how much money customers spent after seeing one specific popup campaign. 

This measurement is used when you want to figure out if your campaign is working well or if you need to A/B test multiple variants. In this type of assisted revenue, you would use an Impression-based attribution and a 5-day attribution window.

2. Total Assisted Revenue

This is the most generic and easiest to use KPI to measure popup attribution. We measure how much money users spent on your store after converting in any of your popup campaigns. 

We display it as our basic assisted revenue numbers on the OptiMonk admin dashboard since it requires no A/B testing set up, and can be measured from day one. In this type of assisted revenue, you would use Conversion-based attribution and a 5-day attribution window.

3. Net Assisted Revenue

Net Assisted Revenue helps you to measure all of your popups’ combined contribution to your bottom line. In this case, you would use Pageview-based attribution and a 5-day attribution window.

Summing up

As you can see above, we used a 5-day attribution window in all cases. 

But if you depend on Google Analytics, it’s possible to measure all of the above with In-Session attribution. While this isn’t 100% perfect, you can set them up to show approximately the same results with the right segment settings.

Each assisted revenue has different advantages and applications. Picking the right one will help you make the best decisions for your bottom line. As a closing thought, here’s a simple comparison of the different types of assisted revenues based on this attribution model:

Name Campaign Assisted Revenue Total Assisted Revenue Net Assisted Revenue
A/B test required
Attribution event
Measurement level

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