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eCommerce Advice for Startups

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ecommerce entrepreneur lessons

The best knowledge is the kind of knowledge that is won through blood, sweat, and tears — but sometimes you can be crafty and growth hack by learning from others.  Below we try to impart some hard-learned ecommerce advice, – we hope you find it valuable.

Loads of business experts will try to sell you easy solutions, telling you to “stop spending time on X, and start running your business instead” — but spending time on that ‘X’ is all part of the entrepreneur parcel. To succeed, you need to be driven, self-motivated, and the kind of person who shows up.

Luckily, entrepreneurial behaviors and strategies can be taught and learned — below are some tips for starting an ecommerce business. Six lessons from others that you can use to propel your ecommerce business into the next stage.

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