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Amazon Print on Demand – Promotional Products for Ecommerce

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Print on Demand - Promotional Products

When carrying out conversion rate optimization pay special attention to the deals you offer. Conversion rates are falling because of a lack of creative thinking on the part of ecommerce providers. The same old, boring promotional products are being offered, – exchanging an email address and first name (or other data) for free content. Therefore you need to up your game to achieve the same results as last year. Nothing converts better than FREE promotional products. It is human nature to always want something for nothing but what else can be offered while keeping the cost down?

Historically, for the last few years, best promotional products are digital products. This is because they are instantaneously available and cost little to produce, and most importantly, there is no need for stock. That being said, the problem with digital giveaways is that they are not perceived to be of much value by the potential customer, worthless even. This is despite the fact that they can cost a lot to produce.

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eCommerce Advice for Startups

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ecommerce entrepreneur lessons

The best knowledge is the kind of knowledge that is won through blood, sweat, and tears — but sometimes you can be crafty and growth hack by learning from others.  Below we try to impart some hard-learned ecommerce advice, – we hope you find it valuable.

Loads of business experts will try to sell you easy solutions, telling you to “stop spending time on X, and start running your business instead” — but spending time on that ‘X’ is all part of the entrepreneur parcel. To succeed, you need to be driven, self-motivated, and the kind of person who shows up.

Luckily, entrepreneurial behaviors and strategies can be taught and learned — below are some tips for starting an ecommerce business. Six lessons from others that you can use to propel your ecommerce business into the next stage.

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