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Amazon Print on Demand – Promotional Products for Ecommerce

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Print on Demand - Promotional Products

When carrying out conversion rate optimization pay special attention to the deals you offer. Conversion rates are falling because of a lack of creative thinking on the part of ecommerce providers. The same old, boring promotional products are being offered, – exchanging an email address and first name (or other data) for free content. Therefore you need to up your game to achieve the same results as last year. Nothing converts better than FREE promotional products. It is human nature to always want something for nothing but what else can be offered while keeping the cost down?

Historically, for the last few years, best promotional products are digital products. This is because they are instantaneously available and cost little to produce, and most importantly, there is no need for stock. That being said, the problem with digital giveaways is that they are not perceived to be of much value by the potential customer, worthless even. This is despite the fact that they can cost a lot to produce.

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How A Good Shipping Policy Converts Visitors And Retains Clients

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shipping policy for online stores

Shipping is one of the most essential stages in the eCommerce lifecycle, and has a huge impact on user experience. It can definitely make or break your business! Therefore, a well-researched and comprehensive shipping policy is essential for your business to thrive. The more transparent it is, the happier your customers are and the higher your conversion rate will be.

Of course, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” shipping policy for every business, but we can tell you that a common thread between the best shipping policies is that they ensure the customers won’t encounter any surprises along the way.

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How to Manage Online Sales Returns and Allowances

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Returns - How to Handle & Minimize Online Return Packages

Despite all the efforts of ecommerce stores to increase their revenue and customer satisfaction, an increase in sales is often followed by a frustrating phenomenon: an increase in the number of returns.

The return rate for the entire retail industry – including offline and online retailers – is about 8%. However, carefully thinking about your return policy is even more urgent for ecommerce stores because the return rates are much higher online…

This article will provide you insights into the psychology of product returns, how to limit your returns, plus 10 actionable tips to create an effective return policy that improves customer satisfaction and ultimately boosts your revenue.

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