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Redirect Popups

Onsite retargeting can help you redirect abandoning visitors to your best converting pages. It can decrease your bounce rate and increase time spent on site, so you can improve your quality score while converting more visitors into buyers or subscribers.

List-building Popups

Increase your subscription rate and build healthier email lists. OptiMonk can be used to persuade your visitors to provide their contact details - name, email address and any other data you need.

Multi-Page Popups

Instead of placing all the information about your special offer into only one popup, use multi-page overlays to maximize your conversions. After the first popup raises your visitor’s interest, they're more more likley to subscribe when you place one or more input fields on the second page.

Nano Bars

A nano bar, also known as sticky notification bar, can be placed on the top or bottom of your website. It provides a powerful way to improve your conversions by recovering your abandoning traffic and gathering more subscribers. You can use it as a stand-alone feature or as part of a multi-page campaign.

Reminder Bars

Nano bars can function as 'reminder bars' as well, to remind your visitors of a special offer after they opt-in. Having a persistent reminder like this can double your conversion rate.

Micro Landing Pages

When someone clicks on a specific part of your page - a button, link, box, or banner - you can display a specific popup using OnClick triggering. Take it a step further and design a custom popup to match that element on your site. The result is a 'micro landing page' that drives engagement and fits right in with your site.

Responsive Popups

It's easy to create campaigns that grab the attention of visitors who are on the go. OptiMonk provides responsive campaign templates for engaging visitors using smartphones and tablets.

Social Media Popups

Create custom onsite retargeting campaigns for visitors who have clicked through from a social media site. You can display unique messages for visitors from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

Ecommerce Popups

Grow your online sales with ecommerce campaigns. You can display special offers to your visitors based on the contents and value of their cart.

Custom Popups

Custom popups give you total control over the design, adding a unique appearance to engage your visitors. We've got a powerful WYSIWYG editor everyone can use and advanced users can create fully-customized campaigns using HTML, Javascript, and our built-in CSS editor.

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