[CASE STUDY] How iSpionage Increased Blog Referral Traffic by 58% in 1 Month

iSpionage is one of today’s best Growth Hacking tools. It’s the only competitive intelligence tool that monitors the entire conversion funnel and makes it easy to gather competitive intelligence data, respond to threats, and discover new opportunities.

iSpionage also runs a marketing blog where you can learn more on how to become a smarter PPC marketer.

The blog covers the following four topics:

  • PPC Advertising
  • SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Copywriting

The iSpionage team wanted to capitalize on the traffic they were generating from their content marketing efforts. 

In this case study, we’re going to present how the team got closer to their goal using popups.

You’ll learn how they:

  • achieved a 5.47% CTR
  • increased their blog referral traffic by 58.09%

Using a traffic redirection popup campaign.


iSpionage invests significant resources in content marketing to direct high-quality traffic towards their main site. They publish new blog posts regularly. 

However, their blog wasn’t directing a satisfactory amount of referral traffic to the main website.

So their main challenge was not enough traffic coming from blog.ispionage.com.

iSpionage blog screenshot


They learned that popups provide the opportunity to redirect website visitors to another preferred page. So iSpionage started using an OptiMonk exit-intent popup on their blog to get more blog visitors to their main site.

They selected a popup template that can be used for traffic redirection.

This campaign asked a yes-no question first.

iSpionage knew that the majority of their visitors were interested in downloading competitors’ keywords. So they decided to get their blog visitors’ attention by asking the following question: “Would you like to download your competitors’ most profitable PPC and SEO keywords?”

iSpionage popup screenshot

By clicking on the “Yes, of course” button, the blog visitors were redirected to iSpionage’s main site. By clicking on “Not right now”, the popup was closed.

Now let’s have a look at the settings of this campaign! 

They wanted to catch the attention of visitors who were trying to leave the blog. So the popup only appeared on exit intent: 

exit intent setting on the ispionage popup

However, they didn’t want to redirect “cold leads” who weren’t engaged enough.

iSpionage only displayed the popup to visitors who had spent a minimum of 10 seconds on the blog:

time spent on pages setting on the ispionage popup

This setting also ensured the popup wouldn’t appear too soon, so it wouldn’t be annoying or disturbing.

iSpionage wanted to make further improvements to their visitors’ experience, so they set up the popup to only appear a maximum number of 5 times per visitor with at least 1 day between two appearances:

frequency setting on the ispionage popup


Now let’s see the results of this great campaign! 

The popup was displayed 4,144 times in one month. And they achieved a 5.47% conversion rate. So 5.47% of the visitors clicked on the “Yes, of course” button and were redirected to the iSpionage.com website.

iSpionage popup campaign results 1
iSpionage popup campaign results 2

The efficiency of the popup and the accuracy of the triggering were proven by the fact that the number of sessions coming from referral traffic increased by 58.09% during this time period.

iSpionage popup campaign results 3


By using OptiMonk to redirect blog visitors to their main site, iSpionage.com was able to boost their referral traffic, increase their number of new visitors, and improve their site engagement.

By redirecting the most engaged visitors, they were able to get more prospects to their website.

This led to a 58% percent increase in referral traffic from their blog in 1 month!

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