How BOOM! Boosted its eCommerce Revenue By $148,297

[CASE STUDY] How Smart Marketer Boosted BOOM!’s eCommerce Revenue By $148,297 Using Onsite Retargeting

[CASE STUDY] How Smart Marketer Boosted BOOM!’s eCommerce Revenue By 18.2% Using Onsite Retargeting

Smart Marketer is an information hub for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs. Its founder and creative director is Ezra Firestone, who is also a partner in BOOM! by Cindy Joseph and the company’s head of digital marketing. He runs a private network of eCommerce websites and regularly consults for companies across the U.S and Canada.

BOOM! is the first pro-age cosmetic line for women of every generation. It’s a pared down skin care and cosmetics company that I created with my business partner, make-up artist turned super model Cindy Joseph.

Cindy and Ezra created, where they sell their products and increase awareness of the Pro-Age Revolution, a movement focused on shifting our anti-age society to a more pro-age perspective. They have gotten an incredible response from the pro-age community, especially women who identify as “Baby Boomers.”

What they have here is a case of “the right place at the right time.” Women of the boomer generation are coming into their prime spending years. Meanwhile, they are being told by society that they are losing value as they age. BOOM!’s pro-age statement is really resonating with this demographic, and producing some amazing results.

In 2015, five years after launching, they were able to increase the traffic tenfold compared to 2014. The goal now, of course, is to convert this traffic into customers.

Let’s see how they:

  • Generated 8997 additional leads in one month
  • Achieved 18,2% increase in revenue
  • Increased average session duration by 25,6%
  • Increased the number of pages viewed by 14,1%

… using onsite retargeting.

This post is based on the article written by Ezra Firestone and published on 


The primary funnel for involves directing traffic through a “presell engagement page.” This is a landing page containing content that engages people in a conversation, and then leads them to a solution, which is BOOM!’s product. The presell page they have been using is “5 Makeup Tips for Older Women.” involves directing traffic through a presell engagement page
This landing page provides quality content for visitors, simultaneously informing them while also directing them through the buying process. The page has links to our store, and contains some of their items at the bottom of the article.

This funnel has worked extremely well for There is, of course, always room for improvement.

Their main challenge is that most of their traffic are first-time visitors. They are “cold traffic,” people interacting with the brand for the first time. For this reason, the landing page has a low conversion rate—99.5% of visitors leave without buying or subscribing—even if the overall site conversion rate is quite solid.

So, with huge amounts of traffic being directed to this landing page, they are constantly looking for ways to optimize in order to turn cold traffic into customers—no easy task.

99.5% of visitors leave without buying or subscribing

They’ve tried several marketing techniques, each with some success. What they were most interested in was somehow capturing visitors at this stage of the funnel. They wanted some kind of opt-in that would not distract from the overall goal of the page—getting visitors to our store to make a purchase.

That’s when they discovered OptiMonk, and the solution of onsite retargeting.

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Onsite retargeting provides the opportunity to present a secondary message to website visitors who have not shown interest in the primary message—in this case, visiting BOOM!’s store.

So when visitors of their presell page showed “exit intent,” behavior that suggested they were going to leave the page, OptiMonk allowed BOOM! to make them a secondary offer: A popup box asking them to join the Pro-Age Revolution and sign up for the newsletter.

OptiMonk allowed BOOM! to make them a secondary offer

Visitors are then able to subscribe in a three step popup. Here’s the second page:

Visitors are then able to subscribe in a three step popup

After a visitor provides their email address (which can be used later for retargeting), a third popup lets BOOM! take one final shot at directing them to a product page and a sale:

Third popup lets BOOM! take one final shot at directing them to a product page and a sale

The opt-in conversion rate for visitors who dug a little deeper into the site, by visiting the “Bio” or “Philosophy” pages, was really high—almost 20%. On the other hand, visitors who didn’t show any deeper interest and left the landing page immediately, were not as receptive. In their cases, opt-in rate was 3.5%—still a big improvement over the less-than-1% starting point.

Still, BOOM! wanted to improve this number, so they decided to offer greater incentive for these visitors who were less willing to engage. OptiMonk suggested BOOM! improve their original message by offering a lead magnet to visitors who were interested in the topic. So they created this ebook:

OptiMonk suggested BOOM! improve their original message by offering a lead magnet

By offering a more tangible incentive—and one that has similar content to the page they visited—we anticipate that this message will be even more successful (projecting to double subscribers).

In addition to this approach, BOOM! set up a campaign that encourages the hottest prospects to complete their purchases immediately:

BOOM! set up a campaign that encourages the hottest prospects to complete their purchases immediately

BOOM! decided to offer an instant 10% off coupon to the hottest visitors—people who have expressed the most interest in BOOM’s content or are about to abandon their cart. The efficiency of the message and the accuracy of the targeting are proven by the fact that almost 40% of visitors said “YES” to this offer.

40% of visitors said “YES” to 10% off coupon

One thing that concerned them was exposing these messages to repeat customers. BOOM! didn’t want to annoy them. Fortunately, OptiMonk allows us to target only new visitors to our site.


So, BOOM! team were pretty amazed by the results.

The number of new visitors was 1,023,649 in the period considered. And the message presented b OptiMonk appeared in 212,874 cases. So the percentage of popup appearance was 20.79%.

Percentage of popup appearance was 20.79%’s store generated $812,258 in revenue, with more than 300 purchases per day:’s store generated $812,258 in revenue

1,876 visitors used their coupon during the period of analysis, generating $148,297 in extra revenue:

1,876 visitors used their coupon - generating $148,297 in extra revenue

That’s 18.2% of total revenue! Since the coupon was only offered to those visitors who exited the funnel without buying, it’s reasonable to say that this is 18% of immediate growth in revenue for

And on top of immediate revenue growth, OptiMonk allowed BOOM! to gain 8,997 new subscribers within a month. That’s a 0.9% conversion rate for new visitors.

With these additional signups, BOOM! have an opportunity for further retargeting. They can offer these leads content and special offers via email to get them to convert. So in addition to the immediate growth, have potential for long-term revenue growth as well.

Beyond the increase in sales and subscriptions, they’re excited by the improvement in visitor behavior that resulted from using OptiMonk:

Average session duration increased by 25.6%

For visitors who interacted with OptiMonkthe average session duration increased by 25.6% and the number of pages viewed increased by 14.1%.

The numbers are even more impressive for visitors who said “YES” to any offer:

The numbers are even more impressive for visitors who said “YES”

OptiMonk’s impact can been seen in the conversion rates as well:

OptiMonk increased the conversion rates

Of the visitors who viewed an OptiMonk message, 1.06% converted, which is 70.9% more than is typically the case for new visitors. Finally, of the visitors who said “YES” to any offer, 19.39% purchased—almost every fifth subscriber.

(Haven’t you tried OptiMonk yet? If you want a few more ideas about creating and using popups, click here and register for our free webinar.)

optimonk webinar


By using OptiMonk to capture visitors on a very important landing page, BOOM! was able to increase sales, subscriptions and site engagement. By rolling it out to other pages in their site, they were able to engage visitors with specific messages relevant to them depending on their place in the buying process. This led to an 18% percent increase in revenue and 8,997 additional leads in one month!

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