How to Increase Sales by 75% with Product Recommendation

Increased Sales By 75% Using Intelligent Product Recommendation

The health and wellness industry is touted to be the next trillion-dollar global industry. Jumping into this marketplace can be a lucrative business, however, it is also a cutthroat business with intense competition among the industry players, the giant brands recognized old timers and new upstarts.

To ensure you get a sizeable piece of the pie when running your own online health and wellness store, deploy onsite retargeting technology, its a powerful tool for converting your website visitors into customers.

Converting your hard-earned traffic is not an easy task. With Onsite Retargeting, features such as predictive behavior and smart segmentation enable you to interact with your online visitors, helping you to give them what they want.

Let’s see how Three Drops Of Life leverages the power of OptiMonk towards their onsite visitors and learn how they:

  • Increased their total transactions by 25% using well-timed product offer overlays
  • Reduced their cart abandonment by 20% through creative promotional offers

And in effect, resulting in an outstanding increase in their average order value by 63% increasing the number of purchases by 75%.

Meet Three Drops of Life

Three Drops of Life is an online business that sells carefully selected health products targeting the health and active lifestyle niche. 

Their awesome BPA-free plastic bottles with time tracker is a best seller and worth checking out along with their organic bath salts and aromatherapy diffuser.

On June 25, 2017, the launching of the Borosilicate 32oz Sports Water Bottle was announced due to insistent demand from their loyal customers.

Despite the success and steady sales traction that they were seeing, they needed to set goals and increase the average order value of their existing customers base and win new customers along the way to ensure the growth of their business.


Similar to other ecommerce stores, Three Drops of Life prioritized increasing the number of visitors to the website, this the company was fairly successful at. 

At the same time, and parallel to increasing visitor numbers, it was vital to ensure a greater conversion rate, to improve ROI as well in order to balance the expenses. 

It also had to be a solution that was quick to implement and was cost-effective.


After taking into consideration the potential solutions, the Three Drops of Life decided to try out Onsite Retargeting with OptiMonk and set up three campaigns for this purpose. 

The reason why three campaigns were set up together to be launched at the same time was that the website owners had determined three types of behavior that could be clearly targeted, three distinct target groups, visitors from which should be made different offers.

Let’s see the campaigns:

1. Intelligent product recommendation to boost sales

Intelligent Product Recommendation

When visitors enter a store, they can on occasion become overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on offer to them. It can cause them to overthink and overanalyze leading to analysis paralysis. 

This scenario can result in them not buying, instead leave the store empty-handed. Such events would occur for both brick and mortars and online shops. A costly mistake to make for any store owner.

Addressing this situation, the folks at Three Drops of Life ran a campaign using OptiMonk’s Intelligent Product Recommendation template while keeping in mind to only launch it as needed. This was a great opportunity to be able to showcase their best-selling products and other newer products to gain more sales traction and recognition.

Its functionality depends on the visitors’ previous behavior which means that only the most relevant products would be displayed on the popup.

When it comes to settings, the popup displayed in the following way:

Popup settings

We can see that using the “Exit-intent” trigger option, its use resulted in activation only when visitors attempted to leave the webpage.

To avoid the popup being too intrusive, it displayed only if the customer had visited at least 2 pages on the website, and only when someone spent at least 60 seconds on the given subpage:

Popup settings

From those visitors that saw the promotion, 7% clicked to investigate the product offered (7% conversion rate).

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AutoCommerce Product Upsell Recommendations

2. VIP invitation for list-building purposes

Three Drops of Life’s newsletter campaign capitalizes on the idea that not everyone is ready to buy and yet everyone likes to be treated like a VIP. 

They offered an exclusive 10% off and free shipping to those who would sign up for their email list. 

Some of the subscribers purchased immediately, while the rest could still be converted via an automated e-mail marketing campaign in the future.

The take-away from this particular offer is that in order to balance the ROI, there was a certain limitation set for the free shipping offer in terms of the weight of the product.

VIP invitation popup

Here you can see that the offer was focused mainly on their cold leads who are first-time visitors and who have never purchased a product before. As a result, the subscription rate was as high as 8%.

Let’s check the settings used for the campaign. To ensure that it reaches only the right audience, the following filters were used.

The popup’s used displayed were time on page triggered and by scrolling activity, this meant that The Three Drops of Life could grab the visitors’ attention while they were still engaged in browsing:

Popup settings

Additionally, the popup was shown only once and to new visitors only, those who spent at least 10 seconds browsing any page on the website:

Popup settings

3. Cart content targeting to reduce abandonment

Another problem to address for any ecommerce website is the rate of shopping cart abandonment. The team at Three Drops of Life were acutely aware of the abandonment problem and turned toOptiMonkto address the issue.

Using OptiMonk’s Shaolin template they made a time-sensitive discount offer, but only if they proceed to purchase within a given period of time.

This proved to be very effective as it gave them a whopping 32% conversion rate.

Cart Content Targeting

To make sure that the popup displayed only when needed, the following settings were used.

A popup was triggered after 25 seconds (Time delayed) of browsing on mobile devices and PCs, and after scrolling 5% down the page.

Popup settings

Additionally, only new visitors were made the offer, those who spent at least 10 seconds browsing the page. To make sure that the popup was not intrusive, it was triggered to display only once to each visitor:

Popup settings


With the use of OptiMonk’s Onsite Retargeting technology, The Three Drops Of Life’s website conversions soared. 

The use of intelligent popup offers, VIP newsletter invitation, and its smart campaign to reduce shopping cart abandonment really delivered great results.

Overall, this is what the team at The Three Drops Of Life has to say about OptiMonk:

  • Increased 25% of their total transactions using well-timed product offer overlays
  • Reduced their cart abandonment by 20% through creative promotional offers
  • Increased the subscription rate by 8.6%

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