[CASE STUDY] How vpnMentor Increased Their Sales By 240% Using Onsite Retargeting

As a website owner, you probably spend a lot of your time, money, and effort trying to figure out how to drive more traffic to your site.

But most businesses struggle the most in meeting the end goal after visitors land on the website. This could either be in terms of increasing sales, generating leads, or even simply trying to convert these visitors into actual customers.

This is where engagement comes in handy.

There are several ways to keep visitors engaged on your website in order to achieve an end goal.

vpnMentor decided to try OptiMonk popups.

In this case study, we’ll show you how they:

  • Got 240% in the US and 570% in price-sensitive markets such as India and Eastern Europe in terms of sales
  • Created a sense of urgency to push their visitors to buy
  • Used the right message on their popup to help lower decision making from their visitors
  • Increased their conversion rate to over 8%

Let’s dive into it!

Meet vpnMentor

vpnMentor is the leading global portal for VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), Internet privacy, and cyber security.

One of their main objectives is to educate their visitors and provide all the information needed to make a good, informed purchase decision.



vpnMentor noticed that their visitors were not buying and probably facing a problem of “paralysis analysis”.

This means that visitors spent a lot of time trying to make a decision on which packages to buy.

There are many different options available for VPNs and other security products, as you can see on the vpnMentor website.

So even though the cost for a VPN is pretty low ($5-$10 per month), it is still easy for visitors to be somewhat overwhelmed and hesitant to make a purchase decision.



When they learned about popups, they decided to control when and what their visitors see using one of OptiMonk’s pre-made templates. 

Since their goal is to control and reduce “analysis paralysis”, they knew that offering a discount to their audience will invoke emotions that push their visitors to use the discount while it is still valid.

Viewing the changes they made to the template, you can see that the message on the popup is straight to the point.

“Wait” is used to keep the visitors on the site longer (engagement). On top of grabbing their attention, you can see that they clearly show the discount they are offering (70%). Finally, they clearly show where to click to apply the 70% discount.

The beauty about this kind of setting is that the visitors are redirected to a certain page where they can complete the purchase at this offer.


While having a relevant message is an important thing, having great targeting and triggering options is also crucial.

So let’s see the settings they used! 

First, they wanted the popup to only appear if the visitor shows any intentions of leaving the site, so they set the popup to appear on exit intent.

exit intent setting on the ispionage popup

They also wanted the popup to appear a certain number of times per visitor.

In their case, setting the popup to only appear twice per visitor with at least one hour between 2 appearances.

Displaying the popup a few times means that the visitors are not deprived of the opportunity to browse the site without any interference.

frequency setting on the hostadvice popup

They also didn’t want to display the popup immediately. So, they decided to display the popup to visitors who had spent at least 3 seconds on a subpage.

vpnMentor decided to use the “visitors browsing one of these pages” targeting option and they targeted all their pages except their blog:


Now let’s look into the results.

In only one month after launching the popup, it scored 5,347 impressions.

The number of those visitors who clicked the “Apply code 70ff on checkout here” were 604 which brings the conversion rate to 11%.


They also increased their sales by 240% in the US and 570% in price sensitive markets such as India and Eastern Europe.


By using OptiMonk on their main site, vpnMentor was able to boost their referral traffic and increase not only their sales but also retain a large proportion of their abandoning visitors by keeping them re-engaged on the site.

Without OptiMonk, 604 visitors would have been lost on the site or even would not have made choices to buy the vpn’s due to analysis paralysis.

And because of OptiMonk, vpnMentor managed to increase their sales by 240% in the US and 570% in price sensitive markets such as India and Eastern Europe while maintaining 8% in conversion rates while running their campaign for only one month.

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