How Extreme Digital acquired more than 65,000 subscribers in 41 days?

How Extreme Digital Acquired Over 65,000 Subscribers in Just 41 Days

Extreme Digital is an ecommerce brand established in 2001. In the beginning, Extreme Digital was solely a digital camera retailer. They’ve since increased the product selection they offer their shoppers. Today, Extreme Digital sells multiple product lines — from computer equipment to office furniture — becoming one of Hungary’s leading e-commerce stores. Extreme Digital isn’t […]

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[CASE STUDY] How MyExcelOnline generated $22,800 extra revenue with OptiMonk

How MyExcelOnline generated $22,800 extra revenue

According to leading Web Designers and Conversion Optimization Specialists, your website has at most 10 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your website. Here is how one business (MyExcelOnline) generated $22,800 extra revenue by addressing visitors impactience.  Your homepage is the single if not most visited page on your website and therefore the […]

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Online Shopping Habits of Today’s Different Generations

In today’s oversaturated small business community, finding the right customers through shopping habits data is crucial for your success. Only by targeting them precisely and knowing what their expectations are will you be able to meet their constantly changing needs. However, there are numerous factors that determine your shoppers’ buying habits and the most important […]

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