Limited Time Offers Dirty Tricks

Limited Time Offers – Dirty Tricks or Fair Play?

Buyers like to take their time when making a buying decision, but limited time offers can speed up the process, but how?  Buyers need to trust a ecommerce vendor before they will buy from them, it is a fundamental trust building exercise that takes time. There are however numerous physiological effects that ecommerce vendors can […]

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blur cart close up 633804 1 1024x576 - Cart Abandonment Software - Definitive Guide

Cart Abandonment Software – Definitive Guide

While the ecommerce industry continues to grow, it seems that the shopping cart abandonment rate of online stores is, unfortunately, following the same trend. According to Baymard Institute’s review of actual data from ecommerce stores, the average ecommerce cart abandonment is nearly 70% – 68.63% according to their latest report from 2015. In other words, nearly 7 […]

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Learn how to increase customer loyalty with data

How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Data

Loyalty programs can make a big impact. Therefore the question becomes how can you increase customer loyalty with a loyalty program How big an impact? Loyal customers account for most of a brand’s revenue. One study found that loyal customers represent at least half of a retailer’s total sales. For some retailers, their biggest fans accounted for […]

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What is Retargeting

What is Ecommerce Retargeting & Consent?

The question “What is Retargeting” might seem a simple question, but the answer is far from straightforward.  This is because anyone looking to understand website retargeting also needs to understand the consequences of using it. It’s like opening Pandora’s box and yes, there be shark’s inside named consent and privacy. Understanding what it is, and […]

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How you can use Audience Targeting to Show Your Ads to Buyers

How to Use Audience Targeting to Show Your Ads to Buyers

The faster you learn about a website visitor the faster you can identify their needs and win their business. So, when you consider that in most cases you only get one shot at targeting them, you really need to take your shot count, and before they leave your website to never return. When I say […]

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How to Use Countdown Timer – Psychology of Urgency & Scarcity

How to Use An Ecommerce Countdown Timer – Urgency + Scarcity

A countdown timer can be used to heighten the natural response to scarcity, leveraging the instinctive sense of urgency that the lack of availability inspires.  The importance of scarcity and urgency for ecommerce is that it suggests how popular an item is.  Most people know that just because a product is scarce, does not make […]

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