Privy vs OptiMonk: Why you should make the move

Privy vs OptiMonk: Why You Should Make the Move

Whether you’re brand new to eCommerce or you’ve been around the block a few times, you know popups are big business. They help capture more subscribers, decrease your cart abandonment rate, and drive more sales. But how do you choose the right popup app? Privy is one of the most popular on Shopify, with over […]

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open-ended questions

The Power of Open-Ended Questions for CRO.

When designing a customer survey, the choice between using closed-ended questions or open-ended questions in any given situation should ultimately be decided by your goal; – are you trying to segment users into ever more refined persona’s or are you trying to understand them to refine your message. Usually the goal is a little of […]

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What Are the Best Survey Questions for Customer Experience?

In a world transitioning towards mobile-first for ecommerce, understanding how to improve your customer experience is increasingly important, necessary to adapt to changing needs and improve what is offered.  Here, customer experience is often confused with customer satisfaction and the concept of “delighting customers” so before talking about the best survey questions to use for […]

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heart 1982316 1920 1024x683 - How to Personalize Your Message for Repeat Customers

How to Personalize Your Message for Repeat Customers

It is easy to forget that repeat customers are not necessarily loyal customers. It’s a common mistake that can be avoided, – taking customer loyalty for granted.  Store owners tend to expend too much effort in gaining new customers, rather than retaining those they already have.  However, the goal should not be to just “retain […]

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a/b testing statistics + data science

Are you Confused by A/B testing Statistics or Data Science?

If you find A/B testing statistics and data science difficult to leverage for improving conversion and sales?  Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, and that there is a solution for you in this article, but first a little context.  Hiring Woes, the back story. For corporate recruiters, hiring for an ecommerce […]

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Art of Persuasion Online

The Art of Persuasion, Part 1 – Targeting for Persuasion

The father of persuasion, Aristotle concluded that high levels of emotional appeal during the act of persuasion greatly increased the chances of success.  The most persuasive of all appeals was emotional, logically argumentative, and credible.  So how does this translate to the online world of ecommerce? More recently Dr. Robert B. Cialdini expanded upon this […]

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