8 Sure-Fire Ways To Keep Your eCommerce Customers Coming Back in 2019

8 Sure-Fire Ways To Keep Your eCommerce Customers Coming Back in 2019

Looking to make waves in the eCommerce sector? That’s a great idea. The eCommerce sector is booming, with stats showing that 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040. And while 2040 is a long way off, there’s no better time to make a start than now. However, there’s work to be done […]

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New Facebook Messenger marketing feature, the Smart Display

Introducing a new Messenger marketing feature, the Smart Display

You might have heard already that on April 9, Facebook revoked the pre-checked state from the Messenger Checkbox Plugin. What does it mean? Until yesterday, if a visitor was logged in to Facebook, their profile photo and name was displayed next to the checkbox, and the box was automatically checked in. So all they had […]

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Geolocation + Geotargeting

Why Geolocation + Geotargeting is Essential for Ecommerce

Does your website promote a product, service, or an idea? Whatever you are selling, in order to be successful you need to collect data on not just your customers but potential customers (website visitors). This is necessary to understand why they are interested in what you are selling or why they are leaving without buying. […]

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Blog Post ideas

Blog Post Ideas For Increasing Sales

All blogs are designed to sell something, a product, service or an idea and even if you don’t have an ecommerce website, I am sure that in some way you do “convert” visitors.  All of your blog post ideas and content should be relevant to this goal. Either directly or indirectly your content should be selling the idea that […]

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7 Steps to Optimizing Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy for Mobile Era

7 Steps to Optimizing Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy for Mobile Era

According to HostingFacts, mobile e-commerce will be responsible for 67.2% of e-commerce sales by 2021. Today mobile devices are so closely intertwined with people’s everyday routine, that not optimizing your marketing strategy for mobile users is almost a crime. I’m not saying you should prepare for the mobile era, as it had already come five […]

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best value proposition examples

Value Proposition Examples + Best Practice Guide

Your value proposition is what makes your website visitors keep reading from above the fold to below the fold. In 50 characters or less it should attribute value to your product and / or service, and in the first few seconds after arriving.  The secret to creating the very best value proposition for your home […]

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Search Intent

How Search Intent and Relevancy Define Ecommerce Strategy

How we search varies hugely depending on where we live and the language we use, this is nothing new and google accommodates these variations in Language.  As humans often what we say is not what we mean, but Google is getting smarter, it now knows what we meant to search for.  Consequently, although this blog […]

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On Demand Feedback

How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Performance

Asking for feedback is an essential task for every business. It helps to improve customer experience, improve conversion rates and gain new ideas for A/B testing, but most importantly, use feedback to improve personalization, which in itself helps to build a better product or service roadmap. The focus of this article will be ecommerce and […]

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Vanity Metrics Minefield

Is Your Marketing Agency or Team Supplying Vanity Metrics?

For any business looking to outsource marketing, whether it be for CRO, SEO or SEM, vanity metrics are a common hazard to beware of. Agencies are only going to tell you results that they want you to know, and suggest using the metrics that suit them.  But that’s business right?  The problem is that some […]

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best call to action phrases

The Best Call to Action Phrases For CRO

Calls to action are usually ignored, rarely tested and among the most under-appreciated elements of a website. Consequently, little thought goes into creating them, often they are just copy and pasted from another source.  This strategy is unlikely to work and even if it did, in reality it would be far from optimal.  CTA’s can […]

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