Demographic vs Psychographic data

How to Build a Buyer Persona with Psychographics

Conversion Rate Optimization is to a large extent based on the analysis of your customers data. Those factors that tell you how to better convert your visitors into customers. We often talk about how the onsite retargeting tools and CRO techniques should be used to improve conversion but don’t explain enough about why and where […]

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Easy Net Promoter Score - NPS Sentiment Analysis

How to Measure NPS Sentiment Analysis – Ecommerce NPS Calculator

Why measure user sentiment and what does this mean?  The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one way to measure user sentiment and is a very broad and general survey, canvassing all your website visitors.  It therefore only provides an indicator of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, providing no details of why they are satisfied or dissatisfied.  The […]

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Amazon Print on Demand - eCommerce Promotional Products

Amazon Print on Demand – eCommerce Promotional Products

When carrying out conversion rate optimization pay special attention to the deals you offer. Conversion rates are falling because of a lack of creative thinking on the part of ecommerce providers. The same old, boring promotional products are being offered, – exchanging an email address and first name (or other data) for free content. Therefore […]

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