How to Optimize Your Lesser-Visited Pages About page, Help page, 404 pages

Optimize Lesser-Visited Pages: About, Help, 404 pages

If your website isn’t capturing every possible lead, is it really doing its job? No! Your website exists to educate and entice consumers to purchase your product or service. While this is becoming better understood, with more and more websites implementing best practices for lead generation and capture, there are still many ways in which businesses can […]

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Shopify store ranking

7+1 Essentials of Increasing Shopify Store Ranking

According to a study from Pew Research, 8 in 10 Americans do shopping online. And even 15% of Americans buy online every week. It’s an explanation of why different online store constructors and ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, are so popular. It’s very easy to create here your online shop even without special knowledge. However, […]

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How A Good Shipping Policy Converts Visitors + Retains Clients

Shipping is one of the most essential stages in the eCommerce lifecycle, and has a huge impact on user experience. It can definitely make or break your business! Therefore, a well-researched and comprehensive shipping policy is essential for your business to thrive. The more transparent it is, the happier your customers are and the higher […]

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How to Manage Online Sales Returns and Allowances

Despite all the efforts of ecommerce stores to increase their revenue and customer satisfaction, an increase in sales is often followed by a frustrating phenomenon: an increase in the number of returns. The return rate for the entire retail industry – including offline and online retailers – is about 8%. However, carefully thinking about your […]

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