What’s New – August 2020

august 2020 What’s New? Product Recommendations, Renewed Editor Navigation & More Product Recommendations We took personalization to a whole new level for Shopify users. Meet our two new recommendation logics: Most Popular and Recently Viewed Products. OptiMonk tracks your visitors’ behavior on your website and recommends products based on it. Read more Renewed Editor Navigation […]

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How to Find More Leads Online – 8 Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation Strategies – Sales Lead Generating Tips

These day everyone is looking for new way to generate leads online. In this post, we’re giving you eight of our favorite lead generation strategies that are often overlooked. Using these tactics combines with the power of your OptiMonk campaigns can help you generate more leads and give you a broader digital marketing approach. 1. […]

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[CASE STUDY] How EnsembleIQ.com Got 40% Increase in Lead Generation

How EnsembleIQ Got 40% Increase in Lead Generation

This case study about EnsembleIQ explains why lead generation is by far one of the best strategies to acquire customers who will connect with your brand. In this modern age with so many different platforms providing strategies for lead generation, qualifying leads and finding the right customers has become a focus with 66% of organizational […]

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How to Use Popups: A Pop up Best Practices Toolkit

Popups work. That’s why many websites use popups as part of their marketing strategy. Still, it is one of the most divisive tools for both marketers and users. The truth is, many digital marketers are afraid of losing visitors by displaying popups. They believe popups always annoy visitors and create a bad user experience. They’re […]

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