Vanity Metrics Minefield

Is Your Marketing Agency or Team Supplying Vanity Metrics?

For any business looking to outsource marketing, whether it be for CRO, SEO or SEM, vanity metrics are a common hazard to beware of. Agencies are only going to tell you results that they want you to know, and suggest using the metrics that suit them.  But that’s business right?  The problem is that some […]

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best call to action phrases examples

The Best Call to Action Phrases + Examples For CRO

Calls to action are usually ignored, rarely tested and among the most under-appreciated elements of a website. Consequently, little thought goes into creating them, often they are just copy and pasted from another source.  This strategy is unlikely to work and even if it did, in reality it would be far from optimal.  CTA’s can […]

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Exit Intent on Mobile + Unique Coupon Codes

Yes, Optimonk Has Exit Intent on Mobile + Unique Coupon Codes

2018 was and is a huge year for us, OptiMonk has changed inside and out, but we haven’t stopped there. We’ve jumped on the bandwagon of event-themed templates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Today, I’m bringing you something a little different but just as exciting even if you have high mobile traffic 😉 […]

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Demographic vs Psychographic data

How to Build a Buyer Persona with Psychographics

Conversion Rate Optimization is to a large extent based on the analysis of your customers data. Those factors that tell you how to better convert your visitors into customers. We often talk about how the onsite retargeting tools and CRO techniques should be used to improve conversion but don’t explain enough about why and where […]

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Christmas tempates

Convert Christmas Traffic With These Christmas Templates

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over, but we – retailers and marketers – still don’t have time to rest. The best is yet to come with Christmas just around the corner.  Its time to put away Autumn templates and to break out your Christmas templates. During this time of the year your traffic increases […]

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Honey Girl Organic 1024x664 - How Honey Girl Organics increased its revenues by 26%?

How Honey Girl Organics increased its revenues by 26%?

Increasing the Average Order Value in an e-commerce store is not an easy job. It is a struggle that every e-commerce store owner shares, this is for sure. If you are an e-commerce store owner, too, I bet that you’ve also been in the same shoes since you started your business, you might be there […]

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everyone 3 - Say Hello to the All-New OptiMonk

Say Hello to the All-New OptiMonk

Attention marketing lovers! We’re thrilled to announce that the all-new OptiMonk is here including a new admin interface, new editor, new website, new logo, and new features… All in all: a totally new experience. Make every visitor count with the revised, refreshed and totally improved OptiMonk! What’s new in OptiMonk Become a master seller […]

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Funnel Confusion Marketing and Sales Funnel Conversion Funnel

Funnel Confusion: Sales, Conversion + Marketing Funnel

What is the difference between a sales funnels, purchase funnel and marketing funnel? The sales funnel and purchase funnel are terms that can be used interchangeably and arose from the same origin. That being said the purchasing funnel is the preferred terminology, – according to Wikipedia that is. Wikipedia dismisses “sales funnel”, “customer funnel”, “marketing […]

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Introducing OptiMonk’s New Editor, Dozens of New Features + Templates

New Popup Builder + Dozens of New Features Templates

Onsite messages are great to build an email list, save abandoning visitors and drive more sales. But what if you could build a Messenger list, get feedback, evaluate customer loyalty with NPS, increase video views? And all using the same technology. All that in just a few minutes with ready-to-use templates. Then easily edit it to your […]

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