Collect phone numbers

Most of your visitors aren’t ready to buy yet – collect phone
numbers from them and reach them later via phone or SMS
collect phone numbers
What our users say
OptiMonk works great on mobile, with easy integrations with best in class platforms like Klaviyo and Recart. It makes it very easy to test different designs and copy to maximize conversion rates.
Ryan Pamplin, CEO, BlendJet
Ryan Pamplin

Phone numbers are more
valuable than emails

Data suggests that 98% of visitors won’t buy on their first visit, and 55% of them leave your website within
the first 15 seconds of their visit. Most will never return again. You have to capture the 2% who are ready to purchase immediately,
but you also have to target those who are not ready to buy yet – and collecting phone numbers is a great way to do that.

collect phone numbers

more subscribers

In comparison to email marketing, SMS has proved to be more successful. It has a 45% response rate and a whopping 98% open rate.

Personalize messages
for mobile users

Capitalize mobile traffic by displaying personalized messages to them, e.g. you can offer free callbacks, or promote special offers for them.


Gather quality leads and build trust by helping your most engaged visitors solve their issues with valuable and downloadable guides.

let your customers request a callback

Let customers ask
for a callback

If you offer a more complicated product/solution, your visitors might have multiple questions before the purchase. You can easily collect phone numbers by offering a callback.

We immediately realized the effectiveness of OptiMonk, and it brings great results to this very day. We were able to collect 12K+ new signups to our phone number list by offering callbacks.

Andras Jarmay

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Collect subscribers
to your SMS list

SMS engagement rates are six to eight times higher than email marketing engagement rates. Offering free shipping, coupon codes, or free ebooks for mobile users, you can grow your SMS list quickly.

OptiMonk works great on mobile, with easy integrations with best in class platforms. It makes it very easy to test different designs and copy to maximize conversion rates. Our popups have generated over 1 million sign-ups.

Ryan Pamplin

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Offer custom quotes
on the phone

Instead of displaying all pricing information on the website, why don't you offer custom quotes for some services? It gives you a chance to collect phone numbers and talk to prospects on the phone.

We have been able to A/B test our popups with good results. We have been seeing way more subscribers. Definitely worthwhile. Thanks OptiMonk!

Case Bloom

Everything you need to collect phone numbers

OptiMonk has all the tools you need to collect phone numbers
on your website – without ruining the user experience.

200+ templates
with D’n’D editor

Collecting phone numbers has never been easier with our drag and drop editor which includes 200+ beautiful templates for free.

Custom form

Custom fields can be used to collect additional information you need, such as preferred calling time, date of birth, gender, and more.


Grab your visitors’ attention with a teaser and ask for contact details only in the second or later steps. This helps you create more engaging opt-in forms.

Google & GDPR

OptiMonk campaigns are fully GDPR compliant, plus they’re also Google-friendly. So you and your customers will both feel safe and secure.


In addition to the spin-to-win, our scratch card and ‘pick a gift’ games reinvent the standard signup popups and make them fun and irresistible.


Target different visitor segments with fully customized messages that are more relevant and more likely to convert into leads.

Discover endless possibilities​

Collecting phone numbers has never been
simpler and more user-friendly.

Integrate with all major
marketing software

Push your subscribers directly to your favorite
newsletter and CRM system


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