How Craft Spirit Shop Increased Revenue By 77.9% With Personalized Product Recommendations

How Craft Spirit Shop Increased Revenue By 77.9% With Personalized Product Recommendations

Struggling to convert your product page visitors into customers but don’t want to rely on discounts? Craft Sprit Shop had the same issue, and ended up finding the ultimate solution. So how did they increase their revenue by 77.9%? Let’s find out!

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Meet Craft Spirit Shop

Craft Spirit Shop's home page

Craft Spirit Shop is a Shopify liquor store with over 30 years of experience in providing premium quality liquors to its community. 

Their online liquor store offers a wide selection of the finest spirits and liqueurs at unbeatable prices. 

They’d been serving their local community for years when they decided to expand their reach through an online store. And that’s when they faced a common challenge.

The challenge

The problem was clear for Craft Spirit Shop: they were able to attract many visitors to their product pages, but they struggled to turn these visits into sales. 

They didn’t want to use traditional methods like discounts to convert them into buyers, as they believed it wouldn’t be the most effective approach for maintaining profitability. 

They needed something different, something smarter.

The solution

To solve their problem, Craft Spirit Shop turned to OptiMonk and its Smart Recommender Popup

This popup is like having a virtual sales assistant that knows exactly what each visitor wants.

It automatically suggests products that fit what each visitor is looking for, based on their browsing behavior and preferences. Plus, it uses AI to craft personalized headlines that show how each product can make the customer’s life better.

Now, let’s peek at some of these personalized popups in action. 

For instance, when visitors viewed the Buffalo Trace Bourbon product page

Craft Spirit Shop showing Buffalo Trace Bourbon's product page

…they saw a popup recommending award-winning bourbons:

The personalized recommendation popup with whiskey's.

Likewise, those interested in the Clase Azul Reposado 375ml Tequila product page

Craft Spirit Shop's Tequila product page

…saw this popup promoting premium tequilas:

Visitors saw this popup offering tequilas
Blue Chair Bay Key Lime rum's product page

…visitors saw this popup recommending tropical rums:

Personalized popups for those visitors looking for rum

You’ll notice that not only were the product recommendations tailored to each page, but the headlines were also dynamically personalized. 

These are just three examples. But Craft Spirit Shop has over 2,000 product pages… 

Creating personalized popups for all of these product pages manually would have been a monumental—or let’s face it, impossible—task. 

But with AI’s help, it became achievable and it only took a few minutes. 

Whether on desktop or mobile, the popup engages users effectively, appearing upon exit intent for desktop and after 20 seconds of browsing on mobile devices.

Craft Sprit Shop's popup's setting

The results

Looking at the results, it’s obvious that the personalized popups had a huge impact beyond just conversion rates (especially when compared to the control variant).

Visitors who saw these personalized product recommendation popups ended up making purchases 38.5% more frequently, boosting the ecommerce store’s conversion rate.

Additionally, they spent 77.9% more money, significantly increasing the revenue per person.

Craft Spirit Shop had a dream and a tool like OptiMonk to achieve their conversion goals. Thinking in new ways and exploring less traditional approaches in your ecommerce store can lead to similar successes.

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