CRO Audit

Uncover your hidden conversion optimization opportunities

Our CRO Experts will analyze your site, identify the most effective personalization opportunities and give you specific recommendations.

website personalization conversion rate increase

Here is what you will get

Expert review
of your site

Our optimization specialist will review your website from a customer’s perspective and show you areas where you can improve.

List of CRO

Receive a list of conversion optimization opportunities tailored to your website and business goals.

CRO tips

Get actionable advice and examples that help you maximize the conversion rates of your onsite messages.

Understand the reasons behind your
conversion rate issues

The audit will help you identify and correct mistakes causing
you to lose potential customers

Irrelevant messages to your visitors

People land on your website for a number of different reasons. Showing the same message to every visitor prevents you from addressing their needs. With our methodology, you will learn how to segment visitors by their traffic source so you know when and how to target them with personalized messages.

Unclear or confusing value proposition, missing information

Visitors leave because of uncertainty, lack of information and because they can’t find what they are looking for. Guiding your visitors is essential to growing your business. During the audit, you will learn how to do it the right way.

Lack of urgency, no compelling
call to actions

Cart abandonment is the number one enemy of ecommerce stores. While impossible to eliminate completely, we can show you how to minimize it with well-timed onsite messages.

What part of the user journey will be analyzed

Your landing pages

The messages your new and returning visitors see throughout the different stages of customer awareness.

The product discovery process

How effectively your site helps visitors identify solutions to their problems.

The offer and product pages

What offers and how you pitch them on your product pages.

Cart & checkout process

Identifying bottlenecks in your checkout process and offering potential solutions to minimize cart abandonment during the last phase of the sales journey.

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