Double Your PPC ROAS: The Magic of Personalization in Practice

Optimizing and improving your ad performance is an ongoing process, which requires investment: time and money. 

This process usually involves strategies like A/B testing and keyword research, but these tactics have their limits. And unfortunately, tweaking your ads continuously will often only yield marginal improvements.

However, there’s a crucial piece of the puzzle that marketers often forget about—their landing pages. 

A landing page is like the first impression you make on your visitor, and we all want to make a good impression!

Convincing a higher percentage of your incoming visitors to convert using your landing pages can result in a much bigger boost to your return on investment (ROI) than only working on the ad side of things.

Most websites send visitors from all their ads to one generic landing page.

This isn’t the best approach, as it will mean most of your visitors are seeing messaging that isn’t relevant for them. And when your messaging doesn’t resonate with your audience, your conversion rate suffers.

One of the most effective ways of optimizing your PPC results is to align the messaging on your landing pages with the messaging in your ads. 

There are 3 methods you can use to personalize your landing pages. Let’s take a look at each of them to discover their pros and cons!

Level 1: Creating multiple landing pages

The first solution, and the one that most marketers use, is to create multiple landing pages (one for each ad). But this is expensive, which means that usually they’ll create separate landing pages only for the largest segments. The rest of the traffic sees the generic landing page. 

This type of manual personalization can be accomplished by using any website builder or landing page builder tool.

For example, here at OptiMonk we use Elementor to create landing pages. To personalize the messaging, we have to duplicate the landing page for all the different ads we want to run.

After duplicating the landing page, you have to manually come up with personalized headlines and subheadlines, rewrite them in each new version of your landing page, and publish all the different versions. 

Let’s say you’ve done it 10 times. Your ads have been running for a few weeks now and you realize that your landing page is missing an important benefit.

Now, you’ll have to manually add your new section to all 10 landing pages. It’s going to take  time to make any changes, even with just 10 landing pages. And think about what happens as your advertising efforts grow… managing this manually is nearly impossible, and it’s definitely unscalable. 

Luckily, there are easier ways to improve the transition between your ads and landing pages!

Level 2: Personalizing landing pages manually

The second option is to create only one landing page and personalize certain parts of that landing page dynamically using a tool like OptiMonk and its Dynamic Content feature. 

The key benefit of using Dynamic Content is that you can simply change an element like the headline on your landing page, and if you make any other changes in your website builder tool, the personalized versions will also get updated: there are no separate landing pages to manage!

All you need to do is create a new Dynamic Content campaign in OptiMonk for your chosen landing page. This will open your landing page, where you can simply select the section that you want to personalize by clicking on it and rewrite it. 

Then, use the “Visited URL” targeting to show your personalized landing page to the right visitor segment.

Then, you’ll just need to repeat this process for all the personalized versions of your landing page that you want to have.

If you have a limited number of ads, this is a much better way to go than the first solution. But still, this option requires some manual hustle like writing your headlines manually and creating Dynamic Content campaigns. 

But what’s really important is that it’s much easier to keep these campaigns updated than if you opt to manually build multiple landing pages. 

But there’s an even easier solution, especially for those who have a lot of different ads…

Level 3: Dynamically personalize your landing pages with AI

The best and easiest solution—by far—is to use the power of AI to automatically personalize your landing pages without needing to manually tweak anything.

AI-driven personalization involves collecting customer data, analyzing it, and using it to deliver highly personalized experiences. 

Now, with OptiMonk’s Smart Personalizer, you can dynamically match the messaging of your landing pages to each and every ad. There’s no manual brainstorming and coming up with personalized headlines… AI will do that for you, writing headlines that are 100% relevant to each visitor. 

You can also forget about creating multiple landing pages or multiple Dynamic Content campaigns. You simply create one campaign, pick the elements you want to personalize on your landing pages, tell the AI how you want them to be personalized, and then launch it!

In just minutes, you’ll set yourself up for ongoing success, increasing the ROI of your PPC campaigns by making them much more relevant to your audience.

If you’d like to double your PPC ROAS without any manual work, sign up for OptiMonk AI early access today! 

Closing thoughts

The key to doubling your PPC ROAS lies not just in optimizing your ads, but in perfecting your landing pages. Often, marketers settle for landing pages that are “good enough,” leaving the power of personalization untapped. 

To overcome this problem, we explored three solutions: 

  • Creating multiple landing pages: this is the approach used by many marketers, but it’s time consuming, resource intensive, and lacks scalability.
  • Personalizing landing pages manually: this is an improvement, but still demands a significant time investment because you’ll need to craft unique content and manage campaigns.
  • Harnessing the power of AI: this is the best and easiest solution, and it’s now possible with tools like OptiMonk’s Smart Personalizer. You can automatically tailor landing pages to individual customer segments, generating compelling content and handling A/B testing effortlessly.

Don’t settle for subpar landing pages. Embrace the power of AI and unlock the full potential of your PPC campaigns. 

Sign up for OptiMonk AI now and double your PPC ROAS!

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