The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Website Design

The Ultimate Guide to

Ecommerce Website Design

Welcome to The World of Ecommerce Website Design

In this guide to ecommerce design you'll learn everything you need to know for making beautiful ecommerce sites that fulfill their main purpose: to sell your products!

We'll teach you how to make best use of every design element on a website, what mistakes to avoid, and we'll show you how to make your website look beautiful on computers, tablets, and phones.


Table of Contents

Store layout


Chapter 1 covers store layout, and you'll get a complete overview of the different elements of a website. From the top of the website, the header, down through the main content area, to the footer, you'll learn the best practices for showcasing your products and providing relevant information and links for your visitors.

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Devices and different layouts


In Chapter 2 we look at the challenge of designing for different devices. With more than half of the Internet traffic on mobile devices these days, it's vital that your site looks good on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets. You'll learn the different approaches to making a website look good on any platform, and we'll cover the recommended approach used by top ecommerce sites.

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Sales are a beautiful thing


Chapter 3 teaches you the art of designing for sales. A beautiful website is made beautiful not only by its design, but also by its clear and simple functionality. For an ecommerce website, this means it's easy to find, view, and purchase your products.

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Conventions for ecommerce design


In Chapter 4, we look at usability and the steps you can take to create a user-friendly website. By eliminating "noise", building effective navigation, and clearly presenting your content, you'll learn how to make your ecommerce site an enjoyable place for your customers to shop and shop again.

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Use of colors


Chapter 5 highlights the subtle, yet powerful impact colors can have on the presentation of your ecommerce site. By taking a tour of neutral, cold, and warm colors, you'll learn which colors are more appropriate for certain product ranges. Along the way, we'll teach you some of the surprising psychological and emotional effects that are associated with different colors.

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