Nearly 2 million HUF extra revenue thanks to Customer Value Optimization

Nearly 2 million HUF extra revenue thanks to the better Onsite Journey
Nearly 2 million HUF extra revenue thanks to the better Onsite Journey

The BioZoo team puts a great emphasis on making their site user-friendly. They create unique content and useful product descriptions, and this work has its results. However, according to Robert, the site is still missing some educational content that can really help pet owners decide – and that has an impact on the number of purchases. This is why they started working on the Customer Value Optimization with OptiMonk.

By helping visitors and displaying the right messages for them, BioZoo has been able to increase its revenue dramatically. In only 26 days, they managed to reach a 2 million HUF revenue increase and a 10,000 HUF increase in the average cart value.

“Honestly, I have never thought that the OptiMonk team will provide such a complex analysis and such great help. They have absolutely exceeded all my expectations!”

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You can have the most user-friendly website with useful and unique content if your visitors do not know yet what products they need.

The BioZoo website is primarily visited by pet owners whose pet is already struggling with a problem or illness. There are also some health-conscious visitors. They consider their pets as family members and want to buy the best quality products for them – just as for themselves.

Both target groups are aware that they want to buy organic and natural products but making a decision can be a challenging task without proper educational content. So, they rarely buy on their first visit, or if they do, their cart value is low.

Robert, the owner of BioZoo, realized that if they want to help their visitors, they need a complete change of mindset, and they need to let go of the traditional tools of customer acquisition and conversion optimization. OptiMonk helped them achieve that, and the following:

  • Help new visitors navigate on the website and gain more information
  • Increase the cart value
  • Offer the best product for each and every visitor
  • Help hesitating visitors decide


1. Help new visitors decide on the home page

Helping new visitors is extremely important, especially when we have a large selection of products. After all, if we have a wide range of products, it often creates the “paradox of choice,” meaning visitors suddenly don’t know where to click, or which product would be right for them. The easier we make for them to choose, the more we can increase their conversion rate, not to mention satisfaction, of course.

One of the easiest ways to help these new visitors is using mini-questionnaires or surveys. All the visitors have to do is answer a few simple questions, and based on their answers, we can direct them to a category page where they can find the organic products they are looking for.

Therefore, a pet-food recommending quick test designed for this purpose appeared in the left corner of the page as a side message. It brought 197,928 HUF extra revenue for BioZoo during the 26-day test period.

Side message appearing for new visitors on the home page after 10 seconds.

2. Increase cart value by offering free shipping

Increasing the average cart value is important for any web store, as it is one of the best and most wallet-friendly ways to increase our revenue. All we have to do is convince visitors who have already added at least one product to their cart to buy some more.

There are plenty of techniques for that, but one of the easiest is to communicate free shipping above a certain cart value. The BioZoo team decided to use this solution, as well.

Nanobar aiming to increase the cart value. It appears for new visitors who already added at least one product to their carts and the total cart value is less than 20,000 HUF.

But that is not all! BioZoo also wanted to focus on visitors whose cart value already reaches 20,000 HUF. To make the deal more irresistible, they offered them a gift that could be useful to any pet owner:

Nanobar aiming to increase the cart value. It appears for visitors who already added at least one product to their carts and the total cart value is between 20,000 and 24,999 HUF.

Like all BioZoo campaigns, these nanobars took part in a 26-day test period. 50% of the visitors who put the product in the cart encountered the message, while the other half did not.

The test results speak for themselves: thanks to these two campaigns aiming to increase cart value, BioZoo managed to increase its revenue by 961,890 HUF in total. That is an amazing result!

3. Encourage the purchase of visitors coming from Facebook with unique discounts

BioZoo runs Facebook ads and they are also very active on their Facebook page, posting regularly. Their activity has its results, as visitors from Facebook make up 21% of all visitors.

However, their Google Analytics account also revealed that the conversion rate of visitors from Facebook was much lower than average. In order to increase the conversion rate, they were given an instant 5% coupon: BioZoo didn’t even ask for an email address in return.

This campaign captured the attention of 4.56% of the visitors, and the visitors who have seen this message spent a total of 30,980 HUF. That is 18,000 HUF more than the customers who did not meet the coupon code.

Sidemessage for visitors coming from Facebook. It appears after 5 seconds.

4. Help Google Ads visitors by showing the most popular products 

Visitors coming from Google Ads also have a lower conversion rate than the average. But the BioZoo Team tried a different strategy with this target group!

BioZoo showed these visitors the most popular products in the category. This content is changing dynamically thanks to OptiMonk’s product recommendation function.

The product recommendation feature works very well because it narrows down the wide product range and helps the visitor decide. On the other hand, it also increases the trust of visitors, as it is a “social proof” that many people are interested in a product.

Thanks to the campaign that appeared on the 3 most popular category pages, BioZoo increased its revenue by 117,248 HUF.

Product recommending campaign that appeared after 10 seconds to the visitors coming from Google Ads.

5. Personalized welcome message for returning visitors

Although the conversion rate of returning visitors is higher than the average, Robert and the team still wanted to make sure they also get a better customer experience.

So, they greeted the returning visitors with a message saying “It’s good to have you back!” 2 seconds after they arrived, and showed them the recently viewed products (also with OptiMonk’s dynamic product recommendation function).

BioZoo managed to increase its revenues by 17,496 HUF thanks to this campaign.

Popup showing the most recently viewed product for returning visitors.

Lessons learned

Due to the wide selection and the confusion of the customers, BioZoo needed solutions that provide personalized help to visitors.

Together with OptiMonk’s Customer Value Optimization Experts, they have launched campaigns to help new visitors find their way around and offer the most suitable discount or product to returning visitors.

BioZoo achieved a nearly 2 million HUF revenue increase in 26 days, and they increased the average cart value by 10,000 HUF. Summarizing the results of the new solutions introduced in the 4-week test period, they can expect a 68% annual revenue growth.

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