Grow your list with gamified popups

Make your visitors subscribe to your newsletter and Messenger list
with fun and engaging gamification popups
grow your list with gamified popups
What our users say
The spin the wheel/gamification concept has played out quite well! We experienced a consistent 10% monthly growth, we employed several campaigns to do so, but given the conversion rates of our OptiMonk popups, I’m certain it is a large portion of the increase.
Evan Henshaw

Email capture
should be enjoyable

It’s getting harder and harder for online store owners to capture contact information. Lead generation only works
when email addresses are asked politely in a non-boring way – without disturbing visitors. You need new, creative
ways to grow your list because the classic techniques aren’t engaging enough for visitors.

gamify your popups scratch card

more subscribers

Give your customers a fun way to sign up to your newsletter, beyond simply asking for their email address.

Improve user experience

Through a game, you can display products in dynamic and interesting ways beyond a standard product listing.

early exits

Make the journey through your ecommerce store interesting and gain your visitors’ attention in a fun way.

lucky wheel gamified popup

Lucky Wheel

After entering their email address, your visitors can spin the wheel for a chance to win certain rewards or discounts, such as free shipping or 10%.

Spin-to-win campaigns fit perfectly for us as we are working on the gambling industry. Depending on the visitor group we targeted we were able to increase the conversion rate up to 60%!

Maxime Gross
Takkaro Media

scratch card gamified popups

Scratch Card

After filling out the form, your visitors can simulate scratching a card on a popup for a chance to win your pre-defined rewards or discounts.

Results were showing within days. Subscription rate growth is MASSIVELY increased, there is no comparison to previous.

Evan Henshaw
The Patch Panel

Pick a Gift

Your visitors can pick a gift for themselves on a popup and they can win big discounts, free product samples or any other rewards.

We have been able to A/B test our popups with good results. We have been seeing way more subscribers. Definitely worthwhile. More emails, more sale. Thanks OptiMonk!

Case Bloom

Everything you need to gamify popups

OptiMonk has all the tools you need to collect more subscribers
with fun and engaging gamification popups.

Configure the chance of winning

You can decide if visitors can win a prize with your lucky wheel or not. You can configure the chance of winning for each slice.


Make your visitors subscribe to your Messenger list with a single click. It provides a far better engagement rate than email marketing.

A/B test
your popups

With A/B testing, you can experiment which rule or offer has the greatest impact on your conversion rate.


With OptiMonk, your gamification popup will look great on any device, thanks to the responsive design.


Let our ready-to-use templates inspire you and have your new content up and running in minutes.


Set up targeting and triggering rules to decide which gamification popup to show for certain visitor actions.

Discover endless possibilities​

Make your standard subscription popups
fun and irresistible for visitors.

Integrate with all major
email marketing software

Push your subscribers directly to your favorite
newsletter and CRM system


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