How Provident Generated 8,000+ Phone Numbers with One Campaign?

How Provident Generated 8,000+ Phone Numbers with One Campaign?

Provident has been a dominant player in Hungary’s personal loan sector since 2001. Even though they are a well-known brand, they face the same challenges as any other website.

Many visitors leave their pages without conversion. They started to use OptiMonk to save these visitors.

In this case study, we’ll walk you through the entire process of how Provident was able to convince its visitors who were about to leave the site to request a callback.

About Provident

Provident provides a short-term personal loan to their clients that can be claimed on their websites: and

Provident website

The UK-based company has 130 years of business experience. Provident Financial was established in the UK in 1880. The international expansion of the company began in 1997.

In Hungary, Provident was established in May 2001. The company has 300,000 customers and their customer satisfaction is over 90%. 


Provident runs performance-based campaigns. Their main goal is to generate leads, thus the number of conversions is a very important metric for them.

Since the very beginning, Provident has been spending a lot of money on increasing traffic, but most of their visitors leave without conversion. They were looking for a solution that helps to save these visitors, and that’s when they found OptiMonk. 

For a financial company, getting visitors’ email address is not enough.

A callback is the most important conversion Provident can achieve through their website, so the goal of their OptiMonk campaigns was to convince visitors to request a callback and leave their phone number.

Now let’s take a closer look at the campaigns Provident used to convert their visitors. I’m going to show you a few little secrets that led up to their success.

1. Call Me Back campaigns

To start the new year right, they created a campaign that has been running since 24 December on both of their websites. 

For Provident, it is crucial to comply with applicable privacy laws, so visitors can only fill out the form if they check both checkboxes on the popup. Luckily, using OptiMonk it was as easy as pie.

This popup appeared on exit intent to those visitors who spent at least 10 seconds on the site. The goal of the popup was to convince visitors to request a callback.

Provident campaign settings

Provident was able to save 301 visitors who were about to leave only in 3 weeks—thanks to the unique headline they used on the popup.

Now that we’ve seen their latest campaign, let’s take a look at one of the popups from their early days.

In the beginning, they were using a more general, not seasonal campaign on both of their sites. This campaign also appeared on exit intent to those visitors who spent at least 5 seconds on the site.

Using this campaign they were able to save 8,220 visitors and convince them to request a callback. 

Let’s see one last example:

2. Black Friday Sales

Not only ecommerce stores can participate in the Black Friday hype, and Provident knows that.

They took advantage of Black Friday as a financial company. They set up a unique popup for a couple of days on both of their sites. 

It appeared to visitors who spent at least 5 seconds on the site and were about to leave. In this case, they excluded visitors who are currently on the thank you page, the ones who already requested a callback.

With their Back Friday campaign, they were able to convince 161 leaving visitors to request a callback—in only 1 week.

3. Birthday Campaign

In 2016, Provident celebrated its 15th birthday by providing a special loan to their customers.

They also launched a tender called “Make your children’s dream come true!”. Of course, they were promoting these on their website as well.

The popup appeared to all visitors who spent at least 5 seconds on the site. It was a redirecting campaign that guided visitors to Provident’s birthday landing page.

On this page, visitors could read the details, apply for the tender or require the loan. 

Provident was able to redirect 8,595 visitors to their birthday landing page with this campaign, which was 21.64% of all visitors.

Why Provident chose OptiMonk?

“We chose OptiMonk because they provided the best service. We immediately realized the effectiveness of OptiMonk, and it brings great results to this very day. Using OptiMonk’s Drag&Drop editor, we can easily customize campaigns. If you’re not using OptiMonk yet, you are missing out on great opportunities. I suggest to create a free account and see it for yourself.”


The story of Provident shows that not only ecommerce stores can use effectively popups. 

Provident was able to save many lost visitors at the last moment—thanks to their regularly updated OptiMonk campaigns. 

Congratulations to the Provident team!

If you as well would like to achieve such great results, why not try OptiMonk? You can easily create a free account. Or if you already have an account, just sign in.

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