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„We immediately realized the effectiveness of OptiMonk, and it brings great results to this very day. Using OptiMonk’s Drag&Drop editor, we can easily customize campaigns.”
Andras Jarmay

Get your visitors' attention
with special announcements

Let your website visitors know about the important updates and news that are happening
to your business by displaying an announcement on your site. You may want to let them
know about shipping fees or an upcoming event – just to mention a few examples.

all visitors

Sometimes you want to inform all visitors, no matter on what page they land on. Create website announcements that none of your visitors will miss.


Do you want to share location-based information or an announcement only for new visitors? Create personalized messages for all segments.

Help potential

Build trust and reduce uncertainty by helping potential buyers find what they are looking for or highlighting how to contact customer support.

Display country-specific shipping information

If you ship to multiple countries, display shipping information and shipping fees based on the location. So your potential buyers will know for sure that you ship to their country, and you can also boost international sales.

The targeting it provides is incredible, you can show different offers to people depending on whether they’ve ever visited a certain page or seen a certain offer before.

Promote upcoming events/webinars

Promote upcoming events/webinars

Grow your event/webinar attendance by promoting it using popups and sidemessages and make sure that your events are successfull.

I can't imagine the promotion of Ecommerce Expo Budapest without OptiMonk - it not only helps our teaser campaign by getting new email subscribers but also boosts the direct ticket sales. Highly recommended!

Norbert Szavai
Ecommerce Expo

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Share shop-wide news with visitors

When you experience long delays in shipment for some unexpected reason, or you don't accept orders for some time, you want all your visitors to know about it. Make sure that none of your visitors will miss this kind of information.

OptiMonk is a very easy-to-use, effective and practical marketing tool that is beneficial for both visitors and ecommerce store owners: this is a real win-win situation.

Attila Adam

Everything you need to make announcements

OptiMonk has all the tools you need to share important news with your
website visitors and make sure they won’t miss them

200+ templates
with D’n’D editor

Making announcements has never been easier with our drag and drop editor which includes 200+ beautiful templates for free.


Create as many announcement campaigns as you wish, and target different visitor segments with different information.

A/B testing

Create unlimited versions of a campaign to test which design element or copy variation performs better, and generates more conversions.

Cookie bars &
GDPR bars

With our ready-to-use templates, you can even display a cookie or GDPR bar on your website, so you comply with all regulations.

Multiple message

In addition to typical popup overlays, stickybars and sidemessages are also a great way to let your visitors know about important news.


Trigger your announcements at the right moment, e.g. when your visitors arrive at your site, scroll down on your site or click on a button.

Discover endless possibilities​

Making announcements has never been
simpler and more user-friendly.

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