How MotionGrey Generated 12,713 New Email Sign-Ups With Gamification

How MotionGrey Generated 12,713 New Email Sign-Ups With Gamification

MotionGrey focuses on providing affordable & ergonomic solutions to everyday workplaces. In this case study, you'll discover how they partnered with Tea, a full-service email marketing agency, to overcome their email list growth challenges and achieved 12,713 new email sign-ups.

Website: Founded: 2018 Industry: Home office

Meet MotionGrey

MotionGrey is a Canadian home office company that specializes in providing ergonomic solutions for everyday workspaces. 

Since their launch in 2018, MotionGrey has been innovating to bring well-designed standing desks, office chairs, and other ergonomic furniture to consumers. 

MotionGrey website

The challenge

The team behind MotionGrey was finding it difficult to grow their email list as quickly as they wanted to. 

But generating new leads for their email list and nurturing those leads is an important part of their sales process, so they knew it was crucial to keep a steady stream of leads flowing into the top of their funnel. 

MotionGrey turned to an email agency, Tea, for help with creating effective email campaigns for their site. Tea is a full-service email marketing agency that has lots of experience doing just that.

Let’s take a look at how they helped MotionGrey build their list!

The solution

After examining MotionGrey’s pre-existing lead generation process, Tea suggested that they set up two additional popups on their website.

The first campaign they created was targeted towards new visitors who aren’t very familiar with the MotionGrey brand. 

They used a lucky wheel campaign that anyone can enjoy playing. The chance to win a mystery discount will be irresistible to visitors, even if they aren’t familiar with the brand whose site they’re browsing. 

Here’s what it looked like:

This campaign had a 7.84% conversion rate and generated 12,529 new email subscribers over the course of a year. 

The second campaign that Tea recommended was a 10% off discount offer for product-aware visitors (which was defined as visitors who were browsing the category and product pages but hadn’t yet signed up). In order to get the 10% off, visitors had to provide their email address. 

Here’s what the first page of the popup looked like: 

And this was the popup’s thank you page, which visitors saw after entering their email. The coupon code was then sent to subscribers via email. 

MotionGrey popup thank you

This popup had a 3.82% conversion rate and led to 184 new subscribers. 

The results

MotionGrey achieved great results with their revamped lead generation process. Here are the relevant KPIs from the two campaigns:

  1. 12,713 new email sign-ups 
  2. 7.84% conversion rate on the lucky wheel campaign
  3. $329,763 in assisted revenue 

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