Net Assisted Revenue

Net Assisted Revenue

There’s a multitude of assisted revenue models that helps to measure the performance of your popups. Net Assisted Revenue is measured by looking at: 

  • How much people spend after converting from any popup
  • And the real contribution of popups to your bottom line

Net Assisted Revenue (or the “Store-Level Pageview-Based Assisted Revenue Increase”) is the best-suited KPI for a reliable assisted revenue measurement.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Store-Level: We want to measure how much money is spent in total, for all users. It’s not just simply a sum of all campaign-level assisted revenue, but it also takes into account the potential negative effect of annoying your visitors when they’re bombarded with too many popups.

  2. Pageview-Based: We want to see the overall effect of our popup campaigns by running a true A/B test. This means that you split the audience into two segments (50% will see your popups, and 50% won’t see any popups), and measure the overall spending amount of the two segments. Choosing pageview-based attribution will allow you to have the clearest comparison of the segments. 

  3. Assisted Revenue Increase: It’s a good thing to know how many percentages of your orders happen after visitors see your popups, but what we’re truly interested in is how much MORE money they spend compared to when they don’t see any popups at all.

Measuring Net Assisted Revenue can be done in Google Analytics. First, you need to set up the Store-level A/B testing, and then you can set up the segments in Google Analytics. 

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