Why People Aren’t Buying From You – Beta blogpost

How Customer-Awareness Stages Can Help You Understand Your Customers and Increase Your Conversions

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Why do so many ecommerce store visitors bounce before they buy? It’s true that most online stores struggle to convert their visitors into customers. Let’s talk conversion rates. Your conversion rate is a ratio of the number of people who visit your site compared to the number of people that complete a desired action. 

If you’re riding the struggle bus— we’ve got your back! We know you’ve researched your product lines, your site looks great, and you’re marketing like a champ… you’ve got most of what you need— but we’ve got some great additional solutions to help make sure your site visitors convert before they leave. 

Check out these actionable tips and tricks with real-life examples, dive deeper into cart conversion, and watch your business grow in real-time.

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The Main Reasons Why People Aren’t Buying

Understanding why people aren’t purchasing, is the first step of fixing low conversion rates. Below are the 5 most common reasons

1. Owners aren’t always aware that their products solve customer problems or that their items could benefit their visitors.

Understanding which specific customer problems your products solve— or how they’ll make your prospective customers’ lives better in some way, are the secret ingredients for success. Your marketing messages should pinpoint your prospect’s pain and/or desired outcome and present your products as the solution or “pain killer.”

2. There’s no trust in your brand or website.

Why should your potential customers buy from you instead of your competitors? If you don’t have customer testimonials, purchase guarantees, and an easy-to-use site that’s glitch-free, your prospects’ trust will falter. But don’t lose hope.

Walk in your visitor’s shoes: What positive additions would help you to convey that you’re a trustworthy, reliable brand that sells high-quality products? 

3. Customers aren’t able to find the right product…

If your site has too many options, people can easily feel overwhelmed and experience decision fatigue — which means they won’t end up buying. 

Personalized recommendations and quizzes help narrow down your visitors’ options— based on style preference, fit, or color. Once you implement these ideas, watch how your customers can target-strike their purchases with accuracy. 

4. Not easy enough to make a purchase…

This is a big one. Around 70% of people abandon their cart—often because the checkout process is too slow and painstaking. From the product page… all the way to the checkout page, your checkout process should be easy and seamless. Offer: 

  • Easy navigation
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Purchase calculations

Attention to detail goes a long way. Your customers will thank you for it by purchasing more. 

5. They’re not convinced that they’ve got the best deal.

As an ecommerce store, you’re up against hundreds of other online store owners that are selling similar products. Many customers usually shop for the lowest price. What can you do if you can’t compete? 

  • Maybe you use the best materials. 
  • Maybe you have an eco-friendly business process. 
  • Maybe you send free gifts with every order.

Talk up the quality of your products and the value they provide. Turn your bargain hunters into value seekers.

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The 5+1 Stages of Customer Awareness​

Now we know that visitors in different stages of awareness need different messages and information at different times in their visit. 

Let’s rewind. Circa 1966: then, advertising mogul Eugene Swartz successfully got into the psychology of buyer mentality with his “Customer Awareness Stages” marketing campaign-strategy… Since then, many marketers have followed suit but also optimized their marketing techniques to add a post-purchase stage

The deep dive…

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Here’s how to match your marketing messages and strategies with the right stage of awareness.

1. Problem Unaware and educating the visitor on solutions

At this stage, your aim should be to help your visitors to gain awareness about a specific and relevant problem or a goal they could achieve. For example, they may have a problem that they aren’t fully aware of yet— like they’re losing money with the wrong energy-bill provider. 

This stage is all about educating the visitor about a problem or desirable goal.  Show them how they can solve the problem or reach the goal with the right solutions on your site. You also want to increase their desire for those specific solutions. 

Here you can find some examples about how to target these visitors:

Promote new products for returning customers to increase their awareness for specific solutions:

You can also promote seasonal offers, highlighting a relevant product or solution that’s ideal for the current season:

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