New Features: Custom mobile template, Campaign cloning, Agency account, and more

New Features: Custom mobile template, Campaign cloning, Agency account, and more

Today, we’re excited to announce that OptiMonk is full of new features and improvements. You can now create custom popups for mobile devices and quickly make copies of your campaigns. If your OptiMonk account is managed by an agency, you can now provide secure access to third parties. Plus, we’ve improved the list of campaigns and made campaign stats easier to read and understand.

To learn how to take advantage of the changes in our latest update, check out our latest blog post.

1. Custom mobile template

OptiMonk has always provided custom popup templates for desktop campaigns. Now, you can create fully-customized popups for mobile devices as well.

Custom popups give you total control over the design, providing a unique appearance to engage your visitors. We’ve got a powerful WYSIWYG editor everyone can use and advanced users can create customized mobile campaigns using HTML, JavaScript, and our built-in CSS editor.

Custom mobile template

An eye-catching custom overlay can help you get the most out of your mobile-optimized popup campaign.

2. Campaign cloning

Previously, you needed to create an entirely new campaign and replicate the settings to make a copy of a campaign you already setup. With the latest update, you can now easily clone existing campaigns.

The Copy button on the “Campaigns” page creates a new campaign with the same content and settings as the existing campaign. All it takes is one click. After cloning your existing campaign, you can then modify the new one and change any of the settings that are copied over to suit the needs of your new campaign.

This feature is especially useful when you’d like to A/B test your onsite retargeting campaigns.

Campaign cloning

3. Agency account

Security matters when you want to share your OptiMonk account with a third party, such as a marketing agency. Now you can now easily provide secure access to your OptiMonk account.

Sharing your account lets your agency help you create and setup your campaigns. Shared accounts allow your agency or third party campaign manager to manage all details of your onsite retargeting campaigns, without allowing them to see and modify your personal details or OptiMonk plan.

Optimonk agency account

4. Campaign sorting

Our new campaign sorting feature makes it simpler than ever to manage your campaigns and keep an eye on their progress.

Sorting your campaigns is an integral part of campaign analysis. You might want to put a list of campaign names or domain names in alphabetical order, compile a list of conversions from highest to lowest, or order your campaigns by number of subscribers.

You can now sort campaigns by all the columns on the “Campaigns” page: Name, Order, Domain, Status, Created, Impressions, Conversion, Rate and Subscribers.

Sorting campaigns helps you quickly understand your results, organize and find the information that you want, and ultimately make more effective decisions.

Campaign sorting

5. Improved statistics display

Our improved display of campaign stats helps you to see the results of your popup variants within a campaign. This feature enables you to check the separate performance of each variant on the same diagram, while also showing the total results for the campaign.

The improved campaign stats help you quickly compare the impressions, number of conversions, and the conversion rate of your variants. Seeing the data more clearly, you can make better judgments during A/B testing of your onsite retargeting campaigns.

Improved OptiMonk statistics

Try out the new features now! Create a free OptiMonk account!

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