Optimized Exit Intent Mobile Popup, Custom HTML + Javascript

We’ve been working hard in the last few months, and are happy to announce some new, advanced features. I hope you’ll find them useful as well.

1. Mobile Exit Intent Popup (BETA)

Our most anticipated feature was definitely the mobile optimized popups. Until now we could only help you boost conversions on desktop – now we can also help with tablets and mobile devices.

There is a new campaign type, called “Mobile”, where you can create mobile optimized campaigns. You can customize the campaign itself the same way as you did with the desktop campaigns – only the preview will be different:

Mobile optimized popups

We still call the solution “BETA”, because the exit intent event is still not enabled – your popups will appear after 6 seconds (of course only where you allowed them to appear – you can customize targeting settings the same way as before). Otherwise it is a fully functioning feature, you should try it!

2. Custom HTML & Javascript popups

Now you are able to create unique, fully customized popups with your own HTML and/or Javascript code. If you failed to accomplish something in your popups, perhaps inserting a custom form or JS code, now you can do it all. We created a new campaign type, called “Custom”:

Custom HTML popup

You have total control over your popup’s content. You can customize:

  1. Width of the popup’s canvas
  2. Height of the popup’s canvas
  3. HTML, CSS and Javascript content of the popup

Custom HTML & Javascript

You can also insert any Javascipt code into the popup, e.g. 3rd party newsletter forms.


Or you you can insert a Facebook like box, just as CoalesceIdeas.com did:

2015-02-09 17_35_05-CoalesceIdeas - Web and Graphic Design Resources

3. Display effects

Now your popups can not simply appear at the right moment, but you can choose from several beautiful display effects:

Display effects

These are of course just options, the default setting for each campaign is still the plain, instantaneous popup appearance.

4. Better CSS editor

We received some feedback about the usability of our CSS editor, that it was not so easy to use on a small screen (whenever you opened it, it hid the preview of the popup). We tried to address this problem with two changes:

  1. Now your popup will “slide up” in the preview window as much as possible whenever you open the CSS editor.
  2. Plus you can “minimize” the editor (with the icon in the top right corner), so you can check the preview of the popup without saving or discarding the changes you made.

CSS editor

I hope you find our features useful. We really need all of your feedback to ensure we are doing things the right way.

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  1. Hi Optimonk,

    Thanks for the info above. Just one suggestion on the CSS editor, it still has issues. Although the slide design of the CSS is nice, every time I minimize it to look at my design, I lose my place in the code, so I have to find my spot again and again, every time. Would love for my view of the code to remain in the same place in between edits.

    1. Csaba says:

      Hi Jarem,
      Thanks for your constructive comment. Our team has just finished a new development that solves this problem. We hope you’ll feel the enhanced CSS editor more user friendly.

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