New release: Nanobar, Custom variables, New mobile template

OptiMonk new release - nanobar, custom variables, mobile template

We’re excited to announce some powerful new features allowing online marketers to design more advanced onsite retargeting campaigns. Now you can promote your best offers on the top of your website in a nanobar or sticky bar, you can segment your visitors based on custom variables, and … the release of a brand new mobile template! You asked for better mobile support and customization, and we listened. Let’s take a look at these new features and see what they can do for you.

1. Nanobar

A nanobar is a sticky notification bar that stays at the top, or even bottom of your site, and is a constant reminder for your visitors to take action. In today’s competitive marketplace, a nanobar can give a huge boost to your conversions and put your site a step ahead. Nanobars can be used to gather new subscribers and can be targeted to remind repeat visitors of a special offer they received previously.

You can easily add a nanobar to your site in the same way that you create a popup in the OptiMonk admin interface. Simply select the new Nanobar tab, customize the nanobar with your preferred style, and then add it to your site. It’s easy and you can start seeing results right away.

Nanobars, that is sticky notification bars are now available within OptiMonk

2. Custom variables

We heard from some clients who wanted to use unique variables to target their audience based on the specific needs of their business. So, we built custom variables into OptiMonk. Now you can target your audience based on any variable you want, for any of your campaigns! Simply define the value of one or more custom variables and add the code to your site.

This is a powerful way to boost your conversions. This is what digital marketing is all about – displaying highly personalized messages to well-defined customer segments. You can use custom variables to promote unique offers to women and men, to singles and families, to younger audiences and older audiences… to anyone you want!

Popups can be targeted based on custom variables

3. New mobile template

You asked and we listened! Many of our clients wanted better mobile support, so we delivered for you. Now you can get even more subscribers and conversions using mobile-friendly onsite retargeting. Using the power of exit-intent and onsite retargeting on mobile opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your campaigns.

To get started with mobile campaigns, it’s as easy as choosing our new mobile template. Thanks for your patience, we wanted to be sure the mobile onsite retargeting was just as easy and powerful as you’ve come to expect from OptiMonk!

New mobile template for onsite reatergeting

We’re excited to hear about the results you’re achieving with OptiMonk, please drop us a line to tell us how you’re using onsite retargeting for success, or simply to say ‘Hi!’. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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