OptiMonk Became #1 on Product Hunt ????

OptiMonk Team

It’s official: OptiMonk got featured as the #1 Product of the Day… the #1 Product of the Week… aaand the #5 Product of the Month on Product Hunt in July. YAAY 🥂 We’re so grateful for supporting us. We couldn’t achieve it without you! Thank you!!!

After launching OptiMonk on Product Hunt on 2 July, we’ve never thought of being featured as the Product of the Month… However, all the effort we put together have finally paid off.

As a result of everyone’s support, we passed 900 upvotes on the launch day. These upvotes and the great discussion on our post helped us reach the top spot:

If you haven’t had time to check out our listing yet, dozens of comments have been left, so come and join the conversation here 😉

Here are some of our latest reviews:

OptiMonk review on Product Hunt

OptiMonk review on Product Hunt

OptiMonk review on Product Hunt

A few days after launching on Product Hunt, we became the #1 Product of the Week – what’s more, OptiMonk stayed in the featured items of the ‘Popular this month’ (July) category as well. 

We gained the #5 spot for July with 2,000+ upvotes.

We’re extremely happy to achieve this milestone, but more importantly: we’re so proud of the OptiMonk community and also grateful for sharing their thoughts and supporting us. 

Thank you ♥️

If you haven’t checked OptiMonk out on Product Hunt, please take a moment now to give us feedback here: 

Now we feel OptiMonk is much more stronger than it ever was before. But stay tuned, there’s even more in our tank… 

We keep improving tmake everyone a master online seller. ♥️

OptiMonk Team

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