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This guide contains over 100 pages that will teach you how to monetize your lost traffic. It provides everything you need to know about engaging and reengaging your customers effectively. Especially recommended for you if you would like to increase the conversion rate of your Magento store, want to understand the power of popups & on-site messages, or just need to get inspired with a few ideas, or take a fresh look at your approach to marketing.

Here’s what you’ll get in this comprehensive guide

Learn what on-site messages are and why are they effective

Discover how to convince visitors abandoning their cart to complete their purchase.

Learn how you can use on-site messages to increase your average order value consciously.

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Improve your Magento store's perfomance

Discover how on-site messages can help you recover abandoning visitors and turn traffic into sales.

Learn how to turn new visitors into first-time buyers and existing customers into repeat buyers by promoting your best offers.

Get further ideas on how to improve user experience by asking feedback

Find out how to build and grow social communities, and reach your website visitors through social media.

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