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introducing optimonk 3.0

Personalize. Optimize.

Website personalization made easy. Treat your visitors like people, not traffic.

Welcome to OptiMonk 3.0

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With OptiMonk 3.0, we want to empower the average online business with Amazon-like superpowers by allowing them to personalize shopping experiences with ease to win customers for life. Maximize conversions through personalizing parts of your website, running powerful experiments and scaling your messages with peace of mind, knowing that you use the best possible tactics.

Csaba Zajdo, Co-Founder & CEO of OptiMonk
01. create

Create beautiful, branded messages with ease

Make your customers feel special wherever they happen to be browsing. Personalize entire sections of your website while staying on-brand. All this can be built now effortlessly with OptiMonk.

Embedded Content 2.0 new

Add lightning-fast, personalized sections to your website without involving developers

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Add lightning-fast, personalized sections to your website without involving developers

Add personalized offers, incentives, surveys, and messages to your website without adding any extra noise. Create a unique experience for each customer with embedded campaigns that don’t feel obtrusive.

Flicker-Free Delivery new

Personalized content loads incredibly fast thanks to a complete rewrite of code that maximizes user experience.

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Point & Click Placement featured

Determine where to place embedded content on your website hassle-free – zero code necessary.

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Themes 2.0 new

Create your own on-brand template family
and build cohesive experiences

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Create your own on-brand template family
and build cohesive experiences

Design is often the greatest challenge when it comes to scaling personalized messages efficiently. Marketers spend significant time and effort on designing campaigns that flawlessly match brand identity. With the new Themes, you’ll have a template ready for all possible campaign goals right when you need it.

Theme Kit new

Create a unified look for all your campaigns by defining your brand settings.

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Saved Styles new

Design elements once, reuse them again and again.

saved design styles ill min - OptiMonk 3.0

Smart Tags featured

Include hyper-personalized content in your messages using any First- and Zero-Party Visitor Property.

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Product Recommendations featured

Deliver product recommendations personalized on an individual level.

individual prodrec ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Coming soon

dynamic content ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0

Dynamic Content

Boost the relevancy of your content with headlines and messages that address
your visitor directly.

dynamic imgs ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0

Dynamic Images

Showcase different images to different audiences based on any Zero- and First Party Visitor Properties.

smart recom ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0

Smart Product Recommendations

Recommend products using Shopify's powerful upselling algorithm.

02. target

Leverage the power of segmentation in your visitors’ website experience

Be consistent to your segments across all touchpoints by leveraging the segmentation capabilities you already have at your disposal. With OptiMonk, you can target your go-to segments in Klaviyo (and soon Shopify) or use our advanced targeting rules to build up custom segments.

Segments new

Create & use Segments to manage your audience and campaign targeting effortlessly

use segments ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Create and use Segments to manage your audience and campaign targeting effortlessly

With our brand-new Segments, you no longer have to define targeting settings for each campaign. In addition to providing you specific recommendations with predefined segments, you can create and save your own custom targeting settings and access them quickly for future campaigns.

Audience Recommendations new

Choose from our predefined segments that are recommended based on your specific campaign goal.

audience recom ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Re-Use Targeting Rules new

Create your own custom targeting rules and re-use them easily in future campaigns.

reuse targeting ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Deep Shopify & Klaviyo Integrations featured

Combine the best of both worlds with clear-cut integrations

deepintegration gif - OptiMonk 3.0

Combine the best of both worlds with clear-cut integrations

Deep integrations with the most popular CMS and email marketing tools empower you to make the most of your customer data, while giving you full control over how you want to manage it. Tap into the synergies between the two platforms using our powerful two-way data transfer and specific use cases developed for Shopify & Klaviyo users.

Klaviyo Lists & Segments Targeting featured

Deliver highly personalized messages to Klaviyo lists and segments.

klaviyo grafika - OptiMonk 3.0

Shopify Dynamic Customer Tags new

Leverage OptiMonk’s powerful survey capabilities to supercharge your segmentation in Shopify.

dynamic customer tags ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Coming soon

shopify target ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0

Shopify Segment Targeting

Target campaigns at any of your existing Shopify segments.

visitor prop ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0

Visitor Property Targeting

Laser-target your campaigns based on
any zero- or first party data (and their combinations), saving your targeting rules as you create custom segments.

03. optimize

Optimize your campaigns to maximize performance like never before

Scaling campaigns confidently shouldn’t be a challenge marketers face everyday. There are two things you need: a simple way to A/B test your tactics to identify the highest-performing campaigns and an easy way to manage multiple campaigns at once.

Experimentscoming soon

Run controlled campaign A/B tests to decide which tactics perform best on your website

run experiments ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Run controlled campaign A/B tests to decide which tactics perform best on your website

The tactics you rely on need to be backed by data that lets you know what combination of campaigns, incentives and segments work best. To find out, you need to be testing constantly. Experiments gives you a super simple, yet very powerful, way to run advanced tests on your campaigns without requiring any tech skills.

Multi-Touch Campaigns coming soon

A/B test not only campaigns, but also combinations of campaigns against each other.

multitouch camp ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Variant A/B Testing featured

Test out different copy, images and opt-in formulas, then use the template and design that works best for you.

variant abt ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Easier Campaign Management new

Run controlled campaign A/B tests to decide which tactics perform best on your website

easier management ill - OptiMonk 3.0

List, filter and manage hundreds of campaigns with ease.

As you start scaling your campaigns to create personalized experiences for each segment, things can get cluttered very quickly. Easier Campaign Management allows you to find exactly which campaign(s) you’re looking for fast, whether you want to list all active campaigns, look for inspiration among old campaigns, or re-activate an inactive one.

Archive messages new

Archive (and retrieve) campaigns to de-clutter your campaign lists.

archive messages ill - OptiMonk 3.0

User Experience Protector featured

Use a smart cap on how many campaigns your visitors see without compromising on conversions.

ux protector ill - OptiMonk 3.0

Coming soon

smart headline gen ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0

Smart Headline Generator

Create catchy campaign headlines that are proven to drive conversions by dropping only a few keywords into the generator.

user exp ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0


Create personalized browsing experience for your segments
by changing your site’s content dynamically.

growing perf ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0

Full Performance Analytics

Stay up-to-date on how your campaigns are performing with
a simple dashboard displaying
your key KPIs

email alerts ds icon - OptiMonk 3.0

Email Alerts

Get notified instantly if your campaigns stop running due
to lack of stock, running out of discount codes, integration
issues, or any other problem.

Not sure where to get started?
Let us guide you through the first steps.

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The Ultimate Guide to
Website Personalization

This guide will empower you to create a customer journey that’s unique, remarkable, and meaningful on a personal level. It’ll help you boost sales, grow your lists, and win customers for life… all at the same time. Get access for free.

Start crafting personalized onsite experiences for free.