9.7% revenue growth with Customer Value Optimization

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When shoppers visit the Beerselection store in Budapest, they can expect a team of highly knowledgeable beer experts. Since the team started to incorporate this personalized, professional support into the operation of their web store, revenue has increased by 9.7 percent on a yearly basis.


The Beerselection team is a vibrant, young team that’s passionate about beer. And their store in Budapest offers nearly 500 types of quality microbrews. So when it came to building their web store, the Beerselection team wanted to build an online experience that reflects their passion and expertise. But the biggest challenge was making their large selection accessible to the average person, and help consumers discover the right microbrews for their specific tastes. That’s why Beerselection embarked on the journey of Customer Value Optimization (CVO) with the help of OptiMonk. By addressing visitors in a personalized way and keeping their individual needs in mind, they improved the average cart value by 1,000 HUF and increased the overall conversion rate of the website by 3.7 percent.



yearly revenue growth is expected based on 4 weeks of testing and summarizing the results of 10+ campaigns. 


growth in the avg. cart value due to the new beer package offers of the new visitors and better communication of the conditions of free shipping.


growth of conversion rate
thanks to the gifts offered to the cart abandoners and the promotion of recently viewed products.

"We have seen some mind-blowing numbers during these couple of campaigns we planned, and it was great to experience that the work we put into the campaigns – and the work we will continue to put into them – will have its results."

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While the Beerselection team are experts on the topic, most of their customers clearly aren’t. The challenge for Beerselection is guiding these customers to the right beers and creating satisfied customers.

Serving customers is a breeze in person. A short conversation is enough to educate the customers about the perfect beer. In-person staffakes it easy to choose from hundreds of products. The challenge is bringing that same personalized assistance to webstore customers.

Peter and Gabor, the owners of Beerselection, realized they needed a complete mindset shift. They needed to let go of the classic tools of customer acquisition and conversion optimization. But instead, focus on creating value and helping customers. Their goals were to:

  • Help new visitors navigate the webstore
  • Offer the exact product that is the best fit for that particular visitor
  • Widen the horizon of the less experienced customers
  • Reassure the hesitating visitors that they have made a good decision
  • Increase the average cart value

OptiMonk’s Customer Value Optimization platform was key in helping achieve those goals.


1. Home Page Recommendations

Google Analytics shows that Beerselection’s conversion rate is well below average.. Based on previous experience, these visitors probably don’t even know what they need. They’re just looking around and gathering inspiration. They don’t have enough problem awareness to buy right away.

Many visitors to Beerselection’s store are quickly overwhelmed by choice and simply exit the homepage.

The solution is directing visitors to a landing page that best reflects their personal preferences.

The “Select your Beer Package” sidemessage was designed for this purpose. It’s targeting visitors who are not ready to buy yet. It brought 137,186 HUF extra income to Beerselection during the 26-day test period.

Sidemessage recommending product category for new visitors hesitating on the home page for at least 20 seconds.

2. Returning Visitor Recommendations

Returning visitors are further along the purchasing process. They’re usually product aware visitors. They’re not only familiar with a product category that can offer a solution to their problems, but they know one or two specific products. The challenge is that they’re not yet sure that the particular product is the best solution for them.

To make deciding and choosing between products easier, Beerselection set up a welcome popup for returning visitors. This message displays the exact product visitors viewed on their last visit. And it was fully automatic, thanks to the ShopRenter-OptiMonk integration – which is also available for another popular ecommerce platform, Shopify.

Like all Beerselection campaigns, this popup was part of a 26-day trial period. Around 50 percent of returning visitors saw the welcome message, while the other half didn’t. The test results speak for themselves. Visitors who saw the popup spent 220,770 HUF more than those who didn’t view this product recommendation.

Welcoming popup that appears after arriving at the website for returning visitors with empty carts.

3. Increase average cart value with free shipping

The Google Analytics account of beerselection.hu also revealed that the average cart value is around 11,800 HUF. As the webshop offers free delivery over 15,000 HUF, it’s worth communicating the conditions of free shipping. Especially for those who spend around the average cart value because it’s much easier to convince them to add a few more bottles of beer to the basket – and in return, delivery is free.

It’s a win-win situation. Visitors don’t have to pay for shipping, and the average cart value of the web store also increases.

The cart value was not the only metric Beerselection was able to increase with this campaign. They also earned nearly half a million HUF extra revenue in less than a month.

A “Sticky bar” appears at the bottom of the page in the exact moment when cart value is between 10,000-14,999 HUF.

4. Decrease cart abandonment by providing small gifts 

When visitors add a product to the cart, they reach the final stage of customer awareness, fully aware. Shoppers have found the product that’s the perfect fit and are simply waiting for the right price.

Beerselection also wanted to improve their 58 percent abandoned cart rate.

To reduce this percentage, Beerselection offered cart abandoners a bottle opener worth 990 HUF. As a result, 20 percent of all cart abandoners decided to immediately complete their purchase, generating 895,074 HUF extra revenue for the webshop.

An exit-intent popup for those who are about to abandon a cart valued at least 5,000 HUF.

Lessons Learned

Due to a wide selection and customer confusion, Beerselection needed a solution that provided personalized service to online shoppers. Together with OptiMonk‘s digital customer experience experts, they launched campaigns that made choices easier on shoppers.

OptiMonk also helped give shoppers a taste of the professional guidance that Peter and Gabor provide at their brick-and-mortar location. During the four-week test period, Beerselection experienced a nearly 10 percent growth in revenue year-over-year.

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