The Secret to 5X Increase in Email Popup Conversion Rate & $122,320 Attributed Revenue

The Secret to 5X Increase in Email Popup Conversion Rate & $122,320 Attributed Revenue

Pots, Planters & More is an industry-leading provider of award-winning pots and planters. In this case study, you'll learn how they achieved almost a 5X increase in email popup conversion rate.

Website: Industry: Outdoor & Garden

Meet Pots, Planters & More

Pots, Planters & More’s planters and containers are crafted from a range of materials, including fiberglass, metal, and wood, ensuring that customers have a diverse selection to choose from.

These materials not only lend an elegant and sophisticated touch to your garden but also guarantee longevity and resistance to the elements.

Pots, Planters & More also prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendliness. They recognize the importance of responsible manufacturing practices and strive to minimize their environmental impact. 

It’s no wonder that Pots, Planters & More has become one of the largest distributors of pots and planters in the United States. Their commitment to quality, customization, and sustainability has earned them a reputation as a leader in the industry. 

Pots, Planters & More website

The challenge

For ecommerce businesses, effective email marketing can be a game-changer. 

However, Pots, Planters & More faced a challenge when it came to growing their email list and boosting sales through email campaigns. That’s when they turned to Tea (The Email Agency,) for help with creating impactful email campaigns.

Pots, Planters & More already had a signup popup on their website before partnering with Tea. However, it yielded disappointing results, converting at a meager 0.88%. 

Over time, this resulted in only 330 email signups total. 

Clearly, these numbers were far from ideal. So they knew they needed a fresh approach.

Tea recognized the need for a change and proposed a solution: switching to OptiMonk. OptiMonk offered advanced features and functionalities that their previous popup platform lacked. 

This migration provided Pots, Planters & More with a powerful tool to enhance their email marketing strategy and generate better results.

One of the key challenges for them was understanding how different customer segments engaged with their website. As a business that serves both personal buyers and business customers, gaining insights into their preferences and behaviors was crucial. 

Simply tracking visitors wasn’t enough to uncover this valuable information. That’s where Tea advised them to collect zero-party data and ask their visitors directly.

The solution

When Pots, Planters & More decided to switch to OptiMonk, their goal was to provide website visitors with a personalized, engaging journey while maximizing the collection of valuable zero-party data.

To do this, they designed a signup popup that allowed visitors to choose whether they were shopping for personal use or for their business. 

By giving visitors the power to self-segment from the first interaction, they could gather insights into their audience’s preferences right from the start.

Pots, Planters & More conversational email popup

The email field appeared on the second page of the popup, allowing them to gather qualified leads:

Pots, Planters & More conversational email popup

On the third page, new subscribers were given coupon codes as a token of appreciation for signing up:

Pots, Planters & More conversational email popup

To determine the most effective design for the signup popup, Tea also conducted thorough experiments with different variants. They analyzed the response of website visitors to different imagery and layouts, ultimately identifying the highest-performing variables. 

This attention to detail ensured that the popup not only captured attention but also resonated with visitors, increasing their likelihood of engaging further.

The results

The collaboration between Pots, Planters & More, Tea, and OptiMonk yielded great results. 

In less than 10 months, Pots, Planters & More witnessed a surge in their email sign-ups. Over 5,000 new sign-ups flooded in and they experienced a 4.17% conversion rate, nearly quintupling their original popup conversion rate. 

Pots, Planters & More conversational email popup results

The increase in sign-ups and improved conversion rate directly translated into revenue. Within a span of eight months, they achieved an attributed revenue of $122,320. 

On average, Pots, Planters & More enjoyed a steady attributed revenue of $15,290 per month. 

This consistent stream of revenue demonstrated the sustainability of their email marketing initiatives and their ability to generate ongoing sales and customer engagement. It also highlighted the value of collecting zero-party data and utilizing personalized strategies to enhance the customer experience.

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