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Setting up some intelligent popups and showcasing our best-selling products with a product recommendation campaign resulted in 25% increase in total transactions.
Jess Curtis
Three Drops of Life

The New Standard of Personalization

The Internet doesn’t hand out second chances. 88% of visitors are unlikely to return to your site after a bad experience. Keep visitors by personalising their experience. OptiMonk’s algorithm dynamically recommends products for your visitors based on out-of-the-box logic: Most Popular or Recently Viewed Product Recommendations.


Set it and Forget it

Deliver relevant, contextual product recommendations to customers on an automated basis with our proprietary algorithm.

Increase Revenue

Tailor experiences to each individual to increase engagement, loyalty and sales. Boost customer lifetime value by making each user feel special.

Assist Your Visitors

Guide each shopper to the perfect product or offer in record time. Discovering your product line just got a lot easier and more personal.

Assist First-Time Visitors

Assist your first-time visitors in exploring your website faster by recommending trending products. Being the most popular product is great social proof that can be used to convince customers to buy.

“Setting up some intelligent popups and showcasing our best-selling products with a product recommendation campaign, resulted in a 25% increase in total transactions.“

~ Jess Curtis
Three Drops of Life

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Remind Visitors Where They Left Off

OptiMonk tracks which products your visitors recently viewed, and recommends the ones they’ve been interested in before. Strike while the iron is hot.

“It's definitely a must-have tool in my store. I particularly enjoy the extensive amount of settings so we can display only the most relevant products to every single visitor.”

~ Jess Curtis
Three Drops of Life

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Promote Bestsellers

Sell more by recommending your bestsellers. Handpick your choices or use our data-intelligent algorithm to offer the most popular items in your lineup or in a certain product category.

“We ran a successful A/B Test to learn how to drive more visitors to our Special Product Bundle. The most incredible result is that the cart value increased by 30%.”

~ Salo M.

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Achieve Revenue Uplift from Day One

OptiMonk’s product recommendation is powerful and easy to start. Set up campaigns within minutes and elevate the customer experience immediately.

Drag & Drop Template Editor

Campaign creation has never been easier with our Drag and Drop Editor. Access beautiful templates at no additional cost.


Monitor the behavior of every single visitor. Trigger your product recommendations exactly when users take a specific action.

Fail-Safe Recommendations

OptiMonk recommends only those products you currently have in stock. Our smart algorithm ensures inventory efficiency.

Cart-Content Monitoring

Display personalized offers by targeting visitors based on the number of products in their cart and the total value of their cart.

Smooth Shopify Integration

The Most Popular and Recently Viewed Product Recommendation Elements work with Shopify. Just drag and drop into your campaign.

A/B Campaign

Test different Product Recommendation Logics with different versions of your campaign. Pick the one that performs the best.

Discover Endless Possibilities

Personalizing Product Recommendations has never been easier.
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