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1,876 visitors used their coupon during the period of analysis, generating $148,297 in extra revenue: It’s reasonable to say that this is 18% of immediate growth in revenue for our site.
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Ezra Firestone

Raise awareness
for your hottest offers

Running special offers is one of the most powerful ways of attracting more customers.
Do you also have coupons, VIP offers or product bundles? If you want your promotion to be a success,
you need to get your offer in front of prospects who are interested in it.

Boost your

It doesn’t matter what traffic channel is used to promote your special offer, most visitors need a 2nd reinforcement (or just a reminder) to take action.

Guide your

Your website should work as ‚personalized digital assistant’ who presents the best offers and redirects to the most important landing pages.

Drive immediate

75% of abandoning visitors intend to return to buy, but only 10-30% do it. Displaying an incentive before leaving enables to convert them immediately.

Use coupons and other incentives

Encourage your buyers to complete checkout with coupons, discounts, free shipping, buy-one-get-one-free, first-time purchase deals, free giveaways, launch offers, etc.

Results were noticed within 2 weeks after implementing the first popups on my site. In 12 months we got $22,800 in sales directly from these popups.

John Michaloudis
My Excel Online

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Drive traffic to best-converting pages

Redirecting vistiors to your best-selling products, latest deals or seasonal offers will not only multiply your chances to drive more sales, but also helps improve the customer experience on your site.

{After redirecting visitors to a Signup form...} we saw a growth in the number of calls and form fills, which obviously meant more consultations.

Alexandra Duffy
Dell & Schaefer

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Collect email sign ups at the same time

Offering a discount or incentive in exchange for an email address helps drive more immediate sales and allows you to market to your hottest leads later on and convince them to buy via email.

We have seen a big increase in sales from OptiMonk contacts: OptiMonk-captured leads generated over $130,000 in revenue in 2017.

Haley Ausserer

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Sales promotion tools for Digital Marketers

Here are some of our best features to spread the word about your special offer

200+ beautiful

Setting up a new sales promotion campagin has never been faster and easier with our drag & drop editor that comes with 200+ beautiful templates.

design elements

Enhance the look and feel of your campaigns by adding sales-boosting elements like countdown timer, video, social share, unique button, etc.

High-level personalization

Create as many sales promotion campaigns as you wish, and target different visitor segments with different - and fully-customized - offers.


We have tons of features designed for eCommerce, like cart-based targeting, product recommendation templates, automatic coupon validation, etc.

A/B testing

Create unlimited versions of a campaign to test which design element, copy variation or offer performs better and generates more sales.

Behaviorally triggered

Monitor the behavior of every single visitor and trigger your message exactly when your users take a specific action.

Discover endless possibilities

Start promoting your special offers with these free popup templates

Works on any website

Customer Value Optimization works seamlessly
with all CMS & eCommerce platform

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