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Guide your visitors

Help your visitors find the best offers, and nudge
your customers toward better product choices
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„We immediately realized the effectiveness of OptiMonk, and it brings great results to this very day. Using OptiMonk’s Drag&Drop editor, we can easily customize campaigns.”
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Andras Jarmay

Enhance user experience
by helping your visitors

Help your visitors get the most out of their visit by sharing relevant content, products
and offers. Create user surveys to get to know them or segment based on the
pages they’ve visited before, and guide them to the right way.

Boost your

You can redirect your visitors to your best offers and current campaigns to make them aware and boost sales.

Guide your

Become a personalized digital assistant for your visitors and guide your visitora to the most relevant landing pages.


Personalize your messages by asking a few questions from your visitors or targeting based on the pages they've visited before.

Redirect visitors to personalized product pages

Increase the conversion rate of your website by highlighting products your visitors are interested in, e.g. previously viewed products, complementary items, or best-sellings in category.

If you haven’t tried out OptiMonk yet, you’re missing out! This is the easiest app out there and it pays for itself right away! We never had any problems and customer service is outstanding.

Honey Girl Organics

Guide customers to find the right products

Provide personalized recommendations to your visitors by asking a few simple questions. It helps to reduce anxiety and makes it easer for your visitors to find what they are looking for, thus it helps to increase sales.

We use our seasonal campaigns to inform our visitors about the current offers. Besides spending more time on the site, we have managed to catch their attention and they were able to understand our campaigns better.

Eszter Sári

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Promote seasonal offers to increase your sales

Redirecting vistiors to your best-selling products, latest deals or seasonal offers will not only multiply your chances to drive more sales, but also helps improve the customer experience on your site.

{After redirecting visitors to a Signup form...} we saw a growth in the number of calls and form fills, which obviously meant more consultations.

Alexandra Duffy
Dell & Schaefer

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Everything you need to redirect visitors

OptiMonk has all the tools you need to help your visitors find
the right product by displaying relevant offers

200+ templates
with D’n’D editor

Redirecting visitors has never been easier with our drag and drop editor which includes 200+ beautiful templates for free.


Create as many redirection campaigns as you wish, and target different visitor segments with different information.

A/B testing

Create unlimited versions of a campaign to test which design element or copy variation performs better, and generates more conversions.


We have tons of features designed for online merchants, like cart-based targeting and dynamic product recommendation.

Multiple message

In addition to typical popup overlays, stickybars and sidemessages are also a great way to guide your visitors to the right way.


Trigger your redirection messages at the right moment, e.g. when your visitors are about to leave, scroll down on your site or click on a button.

Discover endless possibilities​

Guide your visitors with these free popup templates

Discover endless possibilities

Start promoting your special offers with these free popup templates

Works on any website

Customer Value Optimization works seamlessly
with all CMS & eCommerce platform

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