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Help your visitors find the best offers, make important announcements and nudge your customers toward
better product choices.

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Advanced tactics used by high-growth DTC
brands to guide visitors


Keep visitors in the loop about key information

Keep customer up-to-date about shipping information, expected delays, opening hours or even seasonal offers. Make announcements in a non-intrusive way without disturbing the browsing experience.


Guide customers to find the right products & collect data

Provide personalized recommendations to your visitors by asking a few simple questions. It helps to reduce anxiety and makes it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for, thus it helps to increase sales.


Promote seasonal offers to increase your sales

Redirecting visitors to your best-selling products, latest deals or seasonal offers will not only multiply your chances to drive more sales, but also helps improve the customer experience on your site.


Greet visitors like an old friend when they return

Know what your customers want before they do. Remind them where they left browsing off last time and guide them to products that are most relevant for them.


Explore other high-performer special
offer formulas

Spin To Win

Triple conversion rates with the most engaging Spin-to-Win or Scratchcard formulas.

Pick a gift

Hook your visitors’ interest and let them win
a gift if they sign up.

Limited-time Offer

Provide a secondary offer before visitors leave your site to boost conversions. Capitalize on FOMO with a countdown timer.

Embed anywhere

Recommendations that are meant to be
embedded anywhere on your website







Advanced features

The toolset you need to make the
most of special offers

Dynamic product recommendations

Display recently viewed, most popular or similar products from a certain product category.

A/B testing

Test copy, images & various opt-in formulas and use what works best for you.


Let visitors know about special offers in a subtle way without affecting user experience.

Google & GDPR compliance

Run worry-free opt-in campaigns. Make sure your subscribers’ data & your site performance are safe and sound.

Drag & drop editor

Create popups from scratch or modify pre-built templates in an eye-blink.

User experience protector

Use a smart can on how many campaigns your visitors see without compromising on conversions.


Launch campaigns to redirect your
visitors in just 2 minutes

Browse pre-built
mobile-friendly templates

Not sure which use cases are the right for your brand? Get inspired by browsing our list of professional, responsive templates.


Integrate your survey with your tech stack

Success stories

Learn how OptiMonk helped these DTC
brands run special offer campaigns

How BlendJet, one of the fastest-growing Shopify stores, generated 39.2% extra revenue with OptiMonk

39.2% extra revenue with OptiMonk

“My initial thought was that I hate popups, but data doesn’t lie and customers vote with their dollars. We methodically tested OptiMonk popups vs. no popups, and proved without a doubt that we make far more sales with OptiMonk popups, and clearly our users want our special offer. When comparing OptiMonk vs. other leading solutions, no one has the valuable integrations we need, robust testing capabilities, and amazing team to support our ever-evolving needs.”

Ryan Pamplin
CEO @ BlendJet

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