Sidemessages Are Here!

OptiMonk sidemessages are here!

Are you wasting the sides of your website? Do you think that popups are too intrusive sometimes, but you still want to build your email list?

I have some good news for you.

OptiMonk’s sidemessages are here to help you!

If you are an OptiMonk user, you might think “I’ve heard about OptiMonk sidebars before. What’s the difference?”. Well, honestly, nothing. But the phrase “sidemessage” fits better to its purpose: displaying messages to your visitors in order to increase conversions. And it sounds better. 😉

That’s why we decided to rename this campaign type.

Now, here comes my REAL good news! 

We just released 11 brand-new sidemessage templates – so now you can browse 17 ready-to-use sidemessage templates. All templates were created to display targeted messages to your visitors. 

OptiMonk sidemessage

Sidemessages are really popular when it comes to email list building because it sticks to your website while people are browsing your page. 

AVON also used the opportunities of sidemessages to build an email list and they collected more than 300 new subscribers in only 14 days:

AVON's sidemessage to build email list

But you can do much more with OptiMonk’s sidemessages. You can:

  • Build your email list
  • Promote products and special offers
  • Drive traffic to your best pages
  • Collect feedback
  • Promote your social channels

Here’s an example from on how to use sidemessages to collect feedback.

sidemessage to collect feedback

When collecting feedback, you can either ask for a long-text review or you can give options using dropdowns or checkboxes. 

And from now on, your visitors can give feedback by simply clicking on a button. It not only looks good but also is user-friendly.

OptiMonk sidemessage

You can fully customize the look of your sidemessages to match the style and color of your site, just like when you build a typical popup campaign. You can also choose the position of your sidemessages.

Adding one of your colleagues’ name and photo to the sidemessage can help to make the message more personal.

In this way, it almost looks like a chat window.

OptiMonk sidemessage

Isn’t it great?

Lucky for you, sidemessages are available for all OptiMonk users (even for users on the Free plan), so let’s setup your first sidemessage now. 

1) Login to your OptiMonk account or create a free account now.

2) Create a new campaign and choose Sidemessage on the left.

3) Filter templates by goal and choose one that you like.

4) Customize your sidemessage and don’t forget to choose a position in the General Settings menu.

5) You should use timed-display control. And it’s important to segment your visitors. 

Voilá. Now you can activate your campaign.

How do you like our brand-new templates? Do you prefer the “sidemessage” phrase too? Let us know in the comments!

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