Why shouldn’t you be afraid of using multiple popups?

Evolving from Single- to Multi-Popup Mindset

There isn’t one perfect popup that can apply to every single visitor. This is a truth that most marketers accept during their “popup maturity” journey. Even the best-designed popup in history can leave the majority of your business’ Return On Investment (ROI) on the table. 

Your website visitors are each different in their own way. This means that they have individual shopping habits and they’re in different stages of customer awareness. 

While you can’t create a unique message for each user, you can separate your visitors into segments based on the common characteristics that they share. Then you create targeted and personalized popup messages for each of those segments. 

It might sound like you need to create dozens of popups, but not. There’s usually no need to create more than ten popup campaigns. For an average ecommerce brand, between 5 and 10 popup campaigns are enough to get the best ROI.

There are many different factors that might stop a marketer from using multiple popups and getting the highest ROI. Let’s discuss those!

1. You’re afraid that visitors will get spammed by popups

It’s not easy to orchestrate multiple popups in a way where every visitor sees the most appropriate message. It can also be difficult to ensure that your popups don’t conflict with one another. But it’s definitely doable.

2. You don’t know how to segment your visitors

Many marketers show only one popup, because they don’t know their visitors and how to segment them. In the ecommerce industry, segmenting visitors based on the customer awareness stage is the most common method.

Customer awareness stages

3. You don’t know what’s the right use case for each segment

Finding the right use case for each segment might be challenging, especially since you have multiple options to choose from. For example, you might wonder what to do with a first-time visitor. Should you promote your newsletter list, an ebook, or offer a discount? 

Our Customer Value Optimization Guide will help you find the perfect use case.

4. You have difficulty in harmonizing your popups

It can be quite difficult to create multiple popups that harmonize in design in most popup software systems. Luckily, OptiMonk makes it extremely easy with themes.

Final thoughts

By getting over these four blocks a whole new world of opportunities will open in your CRO world. 

You’ll be able to start thinking about extra monetization opportunities that you wouldn’t have imagined before. You can start planning popup campaigns for user segments, awareness levels, and fallback strategies. Here are those key questions you’ll want to investigate:

  • Which user segments are under-served in your ecommerce business?
  • How can you segment website visitors based on behavior data?
  • What common behavior traits do customers share?
  • What could be the right message and value proposition for this segment?
  • How does it fit into the lifecycle of your customers?

If you know how to answer all the questions above, creating a new popup for each campaign will become second nature for you. Your conversion rate across all marketing channels will skyrocket. You’ll be on your way to becoming a real multi-popup user in no time!

As a first step, I highly recommend reading our Customer Value Optimization guide, where you can learn about both the theory and the actionable practices required to become a multi-popup user. 

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