The Best Super Bowl & Valentine’s Day Personalization Ideas to Boost Your Sales in February

The Best Super Bowl & Valentine’s Day Personalization Ideas to Boost Your Sales in February

Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are the two events that dominate the retail calendar in February, and both can help increase your revenue. Every online merchant should take advantage of these occasions by offering discounts and running promotions

Not convinced that you should care about these events as an ecommerce store owner? Check out these stats:  

  • The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world each year. The last championship game drew in nearly 100 million viewers, while viewership figures in past games have boasted even more impressive numbers.
  • In 2022, US consumers spent $23.9B on Valentine’s Day gifts for partners, friends, pets, and more.

If you’d like to know how to take advantage of these two major events, you’re in the right place. We’re covering some of the best Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day personalization ideas that you can use to boost your sales.

Let’s get started!

1. Turn your first-purchase discount popup into a seasonal sale

Difficulty: Easy
Message type: Popup

Do you offer a simple 10% discount for new customers? A seasonal spin could quickly and easily improve their effectiveness. 


Special events like Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl provide great opportunities to grow your email list, and they help to increase the urgency.

First, let’s look at a couple of Super Bowl list-building popups

You can offer special deals that coincide with the Super Bowl:

Now, let’s see some Valentine’s Day popups. The templates below hit all the right notes for a vibrant Valentine’s Day popup.

2. Use a fullscreen for returning customers

Difficulty: Easy
Message type: Fullscreen

The previous strategy is perfect for non-subscribers. But what about returning customers? You’ll also want to make sure that they know about your seasonal sale. 

A promotional fullscreen popup is perfect for that, and it can generate excitement to start shopping.

In our templates, the “Don’t miss out” copy heightens that sense of urgency. And since your message is so large, you can be sure that nobody will miss it!

3. Save cart abandoners with a limited-time offer

Difficulty: Easy
Message type: Popup

We recommend that you always have cart abandonment popups running on your site (otherwise you could be throwing away potential conversions). 

By making these exit-intent popups seasonal, you can increase the urgency and save even more cart abandoners.

Check out this Super Bowl-themed cart abandonment popup: 

It makes use of many highly-effective elements, including:

  • A countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency
  • A discount to incentivize making a purchase 
  • A “no” button that uses “I will pay full price” copy 

All of these customizable features work together to make the popup highly persuasive for shoppers who are almost all the way through their customer journey, encouraging them to buy now rather than later. 

4. Gamify your Valentine’s Day popup

Difficulty: Easy
Message type: Gamification

People love games— that’s a fact. Our very own statistics prove it, too. For example, our lucky wheel popups have a 13.23% average conversion rate. This is way better than the average conversion rate of simple email popups (5.10%). 

If you’d like to achieve greater engagement and increase your sales while building your email list, try this Valentine’s Day-themed lucky wheel popup.

5. Remind your visitors about their coupon codes

All three sticky bars come equipped with both a countdown timer and a coupon code (which can be automatically generated, too).

6. Recommend Super Bowl-related products to visitors

Difficulty: Medium
Message type: Popup

When visitors are browsing your product pages and are about to leave without adding something to their cart, you can use personalized product recommendations to convince them to stick around a bit longer.

When choosing which products to feature on your popup, you’ll want to use items that are as relevant as possible for your visitors or closely related to the sales event you’re promoting. 

This product recommendation popup not only shows your customers the specific items that they may be interested in, but it also displays the discount available for each product. It’s a great way to spark interest in products that someone might not be familiar with while providing a powerful incentive to buy.

7. Communicate your seasonal sale in embedded banners

Difficulty: Medium
Message type: Embedded content

You can also promote your seasonal sale in embedded messages throughout your site. This way, they’ll look like a natural part of your website and they won’t annoy your visitors by disturbing the user experience.

You can get started with these ready-to-use templates:

A few last words

There we have it—the best personalization ideas to boost your sales in February, with ready-to-use templates! Once you’ve customized some of these great templates and scheduled your Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day campaigns, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the events. 

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