The Ultimate Guide To
Onsite Journey 

Learn how online retailers and web store owners can create delightful shopping experiences for each customer. Build deep connections with shoppers and win customers for life.

What is Onsite Journey Optimization?

Onsite Journey Optimization (OJO) is a modern framework for structuring the e-commerce customer journey. In a world of customer manipulation and marketing tricks, OJO helps retailers actually help customers find the right products and services.

Building a personalized e-commerce customer journey using OJO takes time and effort. But it’s a worthwhile investment. In this guide, you’ll learn the philosophy behind Onsite Journey Optimization and how it turns traditional Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on its head.

We’ll show you how Onsite Journey Optimization increases personalization, why that translates into higher sales and revenue, and how to implement OJO for your own web store.  

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The Ultimate 
Guide To
Onsite Journey 

Learn how to create delightful shopping experiences that build true connections with your website visitors and win customers for life.

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Web stores with good traffic but low or unsatisfactory sales conversions.

E-commerce retailers that feel like they aren’t maximizing sales and revenue.

Online stores interested in building long-term customer relationships.

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About the Author

Csaba Zajdo is the founder of OptiMonk and several other companies in the e-commerce space. He’s helped launch thousands of online stores, is a regular speaker at e-commerce conferences and is the author of numerous articles and studies.

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What you'll learn...

How to use OJO strategies, tactics and techniques to increase average cart value and customer lifetime value.

The various stages of customer awareness and how to personalize messaging in each phase.

Implementation best practices and uses cases with over 30 practical, real-world examples of OJO in action.

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