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How UNIT 1 Rocketed Its Signup Form Submission Rate By 550%

How UNIT 1 Rocketed Its Signup Form Submission Rate By 550%

UNIT 1 is an American DTC Company that designs & builds unique products for Urban Mobility. Their mission is to make streets safer and smarter through design and technology, transforming flawed urban mobility experiences into safer, faster, smoother parts of our daily routine.

Website: unit1gear.comFounded: 2017 Industry: Sports & Apparel
2,600+New email subscribers in a week 550%Increase in signup form submission rate

Meet UNIT 1

UNIT 1’s team of engineers, storytellers, and award-winning in-house designers is spread across the USA, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina, and China.

They focus on designing unique user experiences with the impact, aesthetics, and functionality that they pour into their physical products—and their surrounding digital ecosystems.

FARO Smart Helmet

The challenge

In 2021, the UNIT 1 team was preparing for a Saint Patrick’s Day sale. They had been using Klaviyo as their email & SMS marketing tool, and were also using Klaviyo’s list-building popups for their lead generation campaigns. 

This time, however, they wanted to do something different. They’d heard a lot about the amazing results that lucky wheels generate, but Klaviyo lacked this functionality, so they were never able to try it. 

Here’s how Matias Ricci, Head of Growth at UNIT 1, described the issue: 

“Even though we were satisfied with Klaviyo, we were no strangers to its limitations. When building popups, we usually encountered design and functionality barriers that limited us quite a bit. And we couldn’t do a lucky wheel on Klaviyo—we had to find an alternative.”

It wasn’t easy to find a suitable alternative, according to Matias. He says “finding a gamified wheel that suited our needs was one of the hardest things I’ve done since I landed this job.” 

He spent hours researching until he found one that seemed to fit, only to learn (about two hours later) that it couldn’t be customized. He says that at that point, he was “about to give up and tell my team to cancel the Saint Patrick’s campaign.”

After all the disappointment, he finally found OptiMonk. It turned out to be the perfect tool for them to run a killer St. Patrick’s sale!

“In OptiMonk, we didn’t just find a powerful popup builder. We found a team that was committed to our success. They helped us build, customize, and set up the popup end to end till we were happy with the results.”

The solution

UNIT 1 was able to create exactly the lucky wheel campaign they’d envisioned for their Saint Patrick’s Day campaign. 

Visitors got the chance to win a free FARO (which is their top product, a smart urban helmet with integrated lights) or various discounts. 

UNIT 1’s St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Wheel Campaign

They also used an after-popup teaser that was displayed 2 seconds after visitors closed the popup without converting. 

UNIT 1’s post-popup teaser campaign

The after-popup teaser strategy is great because users sometimes close popups reflexively before they’ve even had a chance to digest the content. 

This means that they often feel “closed-popup-remorse” just milliseconds after they clicked on the “X,” as it dawns on them that they might actually want that free FARO or the discounts! 

Using a post-popup teaser gave those potential customers a chance to bring the popup back and try their luck on the wheel. 


UNIT 1’s lucky wheel had an amazing 22% conversion rate, but it also led directly to orders! 

“The popup was active on our online shop for a little bit longer than a week and the results were astonishing,” says Matias. 

Let’s have a final look at those results:

  1. Their conversion rate went from 4% to 22%. That’s 5.5X growth!
  2. They collected 2,600+ new email subscribers in just a week.

Advice from Matias Ricci

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