What’s New: Product Updates

Product Updates - Teaser, Floating Image, Attentive integration
Product Updates - Teaser, Floating Image, Attentive integration

Teaser: Optimized operation and better design functionality

OptiMonk’s latest product updates are designed to engage your visitors and shoppers effectively and in a non-intrusive way. Our updated teaser functionality allows you to increase visitor engagement by inserting a small, complementary tab. Create more visually appealing teasers for pop-up campaigns with the following new design capabilities:

  • Background image: Make your teaser even more eye-catching by adding a background image.
  • Floating image: Take your teasers outside the box by adding images that expand outside of the teaser’s’ shape.
  • Enhanced text styling: Match your teaser’s appearance with your brand by enhancing your text styling with multiple options like font type and size.


What to use it for?💡

  • Non-intrusive Messaging: Adding a teaser prior to a pop-up is a great way to entice and excite your visitors without being annoying or intrusive.
Teaser for Popup campaign
  • Gentle campaign reminders:  Maintain campaign visibility on each popup even after it’s closed by the visitor. Reminders help redirect visitors to your campaigns and retains visibility even after popups are closed by visitors.
Campaign reminder

Floating images: Drag & drop images anywhere

Floating images work well with all types of campaigns, not just teasers. Floating images can surround or expand over your pop-ups or side-messages. Experiment with floating images to create bold, new designs to engage your visitors.

Floating image on a Popup campaign

Measure A/B test results in Google Analytics

To help you select the best campaign variants from your A/B testing, we’re broadening the information types available in Google Analytics. Moving forward, you’ll have visibility into revenue per variant metrics. Take out the guesswork, and select the best-performing campaign variant based strictly on profitability. Learn more about setting up enhanced visibility and revenue insights into all your A/B campaign variants.

Revenue results of an A/B test in Google Analytics

Other new stuff

  • Font loading optimization
    Slow load times associated with utilizing font families with extensive versions are in the past now. No more lag times when working with fonts!
  • New integration: attentive
    Integrate with attentive, one of the most popular text message marketing solutions on the market. Now you can leverage the power of OptiMonk along with a text solution used by the most innovative brands and organization.
optimonk attentive integration

Fixed bugs to ensure a more seamless experience:

  • Optimized error messages on Login / Register pages: Previously, error messages simply flashed and quickly disappeared. Messages are now displayed longer.
  • Countdown fix date mode bug
  • Date input format saving bug
  • Mailchimp integration group bug
  • “Unsaved modifications” modal bug
  • Frame + overlay background setting bug
  • Coupon auto-redeem user issue

We hope these updates significantly improve your OptiMonk experience. Thanks, and see you next month!

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