Amplify your Trojan Horse results
with more custom popup campaigns

Custom popup campaigns
that match your brand

Have our design experts dream up popups that complement your brand and user experience on your site at the same time.

Launch your on-brand campaigns within 5 days for FREE.

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Here is what you will get

5 fully customized
on-brand templates

Our design expert crafts a tailor-made popup theme including 5 templates with recommended popup types that match your brand identity pefrectly.

Receive & review templates within 5 days

Save time on graphic design by having your tailor-made templates available for review within 5 days.

Campaign set-up
within a week

Get answers regarding the technical setup of your OptiMonk campaigns and integrations with your other systems.

Launch on-brand campaigns in no time

Let us take care of the creative & manual labor and receive on-brand templates within 5 days for use cases that serve your business goals.

Avoid displaying off-brand content

Don’t let off-brand elements hurt your brand. Visitors browsing your site expect to see  cohesive content. Have our design experts keep their eyes out for the smallest details.

Increase your brand's percieved value

Consistent content across the entire customer journey will not only build trust by appearing more professional but also will also enhance the integrity of your brand’s image.

Cohesive customer experience effortlessly

Custom templates will help you stay consistent with brand identity
across all popups

What will be considered

Your user journey

The popup types your new and returning visitors should see throughout different stages of customer journey.

Your brand identity

All visible elements and styles that make your brand easily identifiable for customers.

Webdesign of your site

Popup templates should feel like an integral part of your site, complementing the customer experience.



She helps eCommerce brands stay consistent with brand identity and enhancing customer experience with expertly-designed popups.

Your fully customized popups
only a message away

Get in touch with Kata, our CRO Specialist to request tailor-made popup templates for your site.

Launch your on-brand campaigns within 7 days.