Become an OptiMonk Agency Partner

Create instant value to your customers and earn reputation with our powerful popup tool

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Features & benefits

Boost sales for your agency and
instantly impress your clients

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Complete your marketing tool set with a powerful popup tool

Get higher reputation with our well known solutions. We’re constantly developing our software to be the best in our category. Use our product to be the best agency your users have ever seen.

Create instant value to your customers

With popup campaigns you could easily increase conversions rates for your users. Catch this low hanging fruit and customers will praise your name. They will be more engaged and successful than before they met you.

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Manage multiple accounts

Get access to your clients’ accounts. Manage and analyze all your customers’ campaigns in one single account

Private VIP templates designed for your brand

Create your own private templates and use cases, accessible only for your clients. Manage these easily in the template manager, share it with all or specific clients.

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Ready-to-use materials

We provide access to our library of pre-made ads and advanced marketing materials, enabling you to build your own sales funnel and get new OptiMonk clients faster.

  • Banners, team photos
  • Product images, logos
  • Case studies
  • Pre-written emails
  • Promo videos

Drive traffic with a huge boost

Drive traffic to your website via guest posts on You are welcome to submit a post on any “popup” or “e-commerce CRO”-specific topic. Plus, depending on the quality of your content, your post might be promoted to our entire email list.

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The OptiMonk Family Community

As an OptiMonk partner you will be invited to our newly launched online community. Here you can connect with hundreds of ecommerce brands and get insights of the real challenges of the industry participants.

Features & benefits

Boost sales for your agency and
instantly impress your clients

Agency vs. Reseller

Prices are determined by (see pricing)
We determine the price. You could sell OptiMonk according our pricing methods.
You could determine the price of the popup tool that your users want to have. You could offer a bulk price or upsell it, all depend on you.

Make the most profit out of it for yourself. No commission, no price. 100 dollar out of 100 is yours.
Revenue growth?
Commission based attached to the users you bring us. It has a celling but the more user you will aquire the more you'll get.
It depends on your sales process. You could determine the growth with your ability to sell with your funnel and your team.
Who pays us?
They will be our users, so they will pay us regularly.
You will pay the base fee and we are even. You could handle all your users payments.
Who bills the merchant?
We will do the billing, accounting and every aspect of bureaucracy regarding the users.
You need to do it as part of your regular processes so you won't depend on us regarding the user payments and you could do it as flexible as you want.
Branded product
OptiMonk logo will be there to back you up.
You could use your logo and tell everybody that you did a good deal with a software provider or sell it as your own product.
Base fee
$999 / year
Customer Value Optimization training (value: $497)
1 person
3 person
Last example: What should I do for 1.000 dollar from this?
Bring 50 premium users. Mivel az ár limitálva van az OM által a jutalék mértékére az ügyfelek számával tudsz hatni
Sell your popup solution for 5 customer.....if your price is 200 dollar
Sum up
This option gives you the security of a well known brand but also have a ceiling in revenue.
You will get a software unbranded and you could sell as much as you can on the price that you determine. All the other processes are depend on you. Low risk on the product but slightly higher risk in sales and much high reward on revenue on your side.

How to become an Agency Partner?

Step 1

Sign up 📝

Step 2

Promote 📢

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Manage 💻

Step 4

Earn 💰

case study

How did our most effective Agency
partner made it?

Meet one of our existing partners, Jason

E2 Agency

Recognized as a leading  Commerce Email Marketing Expert, to date Jason has helped generate for his clients a staggering
$15,000,000 in email marketing alone.

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If you would like to be a partner, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have both! When you become certified you will be given access to an Exclusive Partner Channel on Slack and granted access to the Private Facebook Group.

Our commission structure starts at 20% which will increase based on the number of clients you sign up.

We pay a commission on every purchase from our website.

Your commissions are processed monthly, and you will paid the commissions earned from the previous month. Note that commissions less than $100 will sit in the account until you reach $100 or more then it will be processed.

When you join you will be partners up with the Partner Manager and Business Success Mentor, and they will walk you through our programs. Our main focus is help you grow your business and serve your clients.

Example items we will help with:

How to present proposals
Different selling methodologies
Tech Support
Ongoing education and coaching around selling, best practices and customer value optimisation.