Newsletter Signup Popup

Build your newsletter list in a user friendly way

Get more email subscribers with a user-friendly newsletter popup
When to use it?

Looking to build a loyal, engaged subscriber list for your newsletter? Look no further.

Using a Newsletter Signup Popup, you can get your visitor's attention at the right time and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter.

With this seamless popup, you'll collect valuable email addresses that allow you to stay connected with your audience. Through regular newsletters, you can nurture customer relationships, keep your audience informed, and drive repeat visits and purchases.

How to set it up?

Step 1: Create a new campaign

Scroll down and choose a template.

Step 2: Modify your thank you page

Make changes on your thank you page based on the offer you have on the first page of your campaign.

Step 3: Activate your campaign

Pick a template and launch your first
Newsletter Signup Popup campaign in 2 minutes

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up for you?

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