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Supercharge PPC results by tailoring your landing pages to your ads – on autopilot.

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Killer ads, great landing page, but are they a match?​

Most PPC agencies go big on ad budgets but NOT BIG ENOUGH on matching their landing pages to their ads, leaving a lot of money on the table. With the power of AI, you can

Align your landing pages to visitor intent - for all your product pages automatically

Skyrocket store-wide conversion rate

What is OptiMonk AI

Revolutionizing the world of paid ads with real-time personalization

Smart Personalizer

Paid ads supercharged with real-time, 1-to-1 personalization for any landing page

Personalize your landing pages for each and every visitor. Tailor any headline, description or text based on the interest of your visitor – 100% automatically.

VISIT AS Facebook Ad visitor

VISIT AS Google Ads visitor

Smart A/B testing
Smart A/B testing

Boost website conversions with fully automated, AI-assisted A/B testing

Forget time-consuming A/B testing. Just pick the elements on your website you want to test, and let our AI do the rest of the job.

Product Page Optimizer

Boost Google Shopping Ads ROAS with AI-optimized product pages

Use the power of AI to create better headlines, descriptions, and benefit lists, and run A/B tests to tailor the ideal product page. And do it for thousands of product pages – parallelly.


Unlock new growth opportunities for your agency

Ecommerce Revolution: What you'll get

Outpace the competition

OptiMonk's AI handles all your CRO needs, freeing you to strategize and scale customer acquisition.

Ecommerce Revolution: What you'll get

Drive growth for your clients

Let your competitors fuss over ad tweaks—focus on customer ROI instead.

Ecommerce Revolution: What you'll get

Generate new revenue source

Upsell conversion optimization as additional service & enjoy 20-30% lifetime commissions on OptiMonk.

What you can expect

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“We utilized OptiMonk AI for product page optimization, and I was genuinely impressed by its effectiveness. Our online revenue increased by 23.1%, all without any additional effort on our part. It has exceeded my expectations.”

Attila Adam

Attila Adam

CEO, Reflexshop



Varnish and Vine

The Varnish and Vine team achieved a 48.3% increase in online revenue.


Solar lights


SolaGarden increased their online revenue by 11.6%.


Erotic tools


Vagyaim.hu achieved a 14.2% upswing in online revenue.

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